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To VeraPlus from VeraLite, or Vera 3

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2016 02:38AM PDT

Upgrade to VeraPlus from Vera3 or VeraLite 

Congratulations on upgrading to the VeraPlus Controller! These instructions are intended for you to move your system from an existing Vera controller running the UI7 app.

(Note: If you're not sure which version of the app your current controller is running, it is UI7 if you have VeraEdge or have kept your VeraLite, or Vera 3 controller up to date. See
How Do I Know Which UI Version My Controller Has?  for more info. For Vera 2 or other controllers running the much older UI5 app, click here and follow the instructions for VeraEdge.)

The transfer process requires that you have both your existing (Vera 3 or VeraLite) and new VeraPlus controllers right next to each other, at 
most 2 feet away. Follow these steps :
1.      Connect your new VeraPlus to your router, while also leaving your existing VeraEdge, Vera 3 or VeraLite connected. Connect power to both units.
2.      Login to your existing account and select "I have a new Vera to setup."
3.      Proceed with the initial setup of the new VeraPlus and give it a name.
4.      Next log back in and select your existing Vera 3 or VeraLite Controller to work with
5.     .Check to make sure your existing Vera 3 or VeraLite is the primary Z-Wave controller for your Z-Wave network, and this is indicated by the role which should be Master, as shown here:

If your unit has a different role contact our tech support team, and they’ll help you resolve it asap. For more details on this check out:
6.      Save a backup from your current VeraEdge, Vera 3 or VeraLite unit, which we’ll use later on to transfer your settings to your new VeraPlus. This can be done from Settings > Backup as shown in the screenshot below:

7.     Once the backup is saved we can go ahead and set your existing Vera 3 or VeraLite controller into transfer mode, and this can be done from Settings > Z-Wave Settings > Advanced > Controller shift.

8.      Next log into your new VeraPlus. You’ll need to set your new VeraPlus to copy your existing Z-Wave data, and this can be done from Settings > Z-Wave Settings > Advanced > Copy Z-Wave network from a master controller.

9.      This process will take some time based on the size of your Z-Wave network but once finished you should see all your Z-Wave devices on your new VeraPlus.

10.      Wait until all Z-Wave devices configure, for battery operated devices you might need to "wake them up" manually by activating them (such as by opening a window to "wake up" a window sensor, or by pressing the control button on the device.)

11.      Next we’ll have to restore the Vera system backup from your old Vera 3 or VeraLite controller, which we saved during Step 1. This can be done by simply dragging the backup on the ’Upload’ section from Settings > Backup. When the file has been uploaded press on the 'Restore' button. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Restore Z-Wave Network needs to be UNCHECKED)

12.      Once finished you should have your new VeraPlus with all your settings from the Vera 3 or VeraLite.
Note that this procedure will set your old VeraEdge, Vera 3 or VeraLite controller as a slave (secondary) Z-wave controller to your VeraPlus, and will add one additional Scene Controller device on the dashboard.
13.      It is recommended that you check to make sure all your devices are communicating with the new VeraPlus controller.
If you experience any issues with the transfer do not hesitate to contact our tech support team, and they’ll help you resolve it asap. For more details on this check out:


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