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Not Enough Storage to Update Controller

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2016 12:01PM PST

If you need more space for a Software Update

When you're updating your Vera controller, you might see a message that there's not enough space. These steps can help.

During a software update, you might see a message that says the update can't be installed because it needs more space than you have on your controller. If you see this message, there are a few ways you can update your device:

Update using local backup

How to Upgrade Your Controller When There's Insufficient Memory for the New Firmware
  • Note: These instructions are for owners of Vera legacy controller models (VeraLite or Vera 3) who want to upgrade to the latest version of UI7 firmware, but have received an "out of memory" message. 
  • You'll need to have a computer with a small amount of storage space available on its hard drive for this procedure (or you can attach a thumb drive or external disk drive to your computer).  We will use the computer's drive (or external drive) to backup your existing files, and this process should free up enough memory in your Vera Controller to fit the newer version of UI7 firmware. 
  • Essentially, you'll be making a backup, then wiping the memory of your Controller clean, then installing the new software as if the Controller was brand new, and then restoring your system settings with the new firmware.
  • You should only follow this procedure if your Vera Controller currently has insufficient memory to do a firmware upgrade.
First create a backup of everything on your VeraLite or Vera 3 to save on your computer
  1. Using a computer and browser, log in to your Vera Dashboard from our portal page with your username and password. Select your VeraLite/Vera3 Controller.
  2. From the Vera Dashboard menu on the left, click on Settings and select Backup, and then click on the Create backup button as shown below.

  3. A new page will open. Click on the Backup Z-Wave Network button first to create a backup of your Z-Wave network. You should wait for about 20 minutes to be sure the backup is complete (as it may take this long for all the Z-Wave devices in your system to be identified and backed up.)
  4. Next, click on the Create backup button to save the file to your computer. Important: Make a note of the folder or directory where the computer is saving this file, as you'll need it later. (Or, if you prefer to save your backup on a thumb drive, specify it as the file location.)

  5. Go back to Settings -> Firmware and continue with (or begin) the upgrade process.

  6. Make sure to select Restore to a factory default state. (You should already have all your configuration settings stored on your computer at step 4.)

  7. Using the same computer and browser, log back in with your username and password to our portal page
  8. Select "I have a new Vera to setup" (even though it is not new) and proceed with the initial setup, and naming the VeraLite/Vera3 controller again (give it the same name you previously used).
  9. When the Vera Dashboard appears, click on the Settings menu and select Backup.
  10. Either drag and drop the backup file into the Upload area (using a file browser such as Windows Explorer or Mac Finder), OR click the Upload button and browse to the backup file’s location and select it.
  11. Check the Restore Z-Wave network option to include the Z-Wave network from the VeraLite or Vera3.
  12. Click the Restore button to start the transfer to your VeraLite or Vera3.

  13. Wait. The restore process will take a couple of minutes during which time your VeraLite or Vera3 will reboot. When the process is complete, all the LED lights on your VeraLite or Vera3 will be lit, and you'll have your Vera updated with all the settings restored.
  14. It is recommended that you check to make sure all your devices are communicating with the Vera controller. For some Z-wave battery operated devices you might need to "wake them up" manually by activating them (such as by opening a window to "wake up" a window sensor, or by pressing the control button on the device.)

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