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Main Controls: My Modes, My Shortcuts, My Favorites

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016 07:59PM PDT
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My Modes
Modes provide the fastest, easiest way to operate your Vera system and to quickly change settings on many different Devices. After initial setup, your Vera system is always in one of the four Modes: Home, Away, Night or Vacation. The Modes are pre-configured with 'typical use' default settings for maximum convenience, but as explained below, each Mode may be completely customized to make your Vera System do what you want it to do.. 
  • Switching between Modes is the main way to easily control your Vera System. The Modes provide very powerful operating conveniences. Switch to Night Mode, for example, and your Vera System can automatically lock all doors, dim all downstairs lights, set the thermostat lower and check to make sure all windows are closed. All with a single click.
Selecting My Modes
Here's how the four My Modes choices are used:

Home is for when you're home and awake. Choose Home Mode when adding new Devices too.

Away is for when no one is home. Your system can save energy in this mode by shutting down heating or cooling, while also making sure your home is locked up.

Night is used for late night (after bedtime). Night Mode can help keep your home secure, by locking doors and checking security sensors. Night Mode can help your home save energy by dimming or shutting off lights and changing thermostat settings to reduce heating or cooling. 

Vacation is for when you're gone for many days. Your lights can switch on and off at various times to make your home appear "lived in" (to enhance security by deterring burglars), while also maximizing energy savings.

Each Mode comes pre-configured with default settings for each of your Devices, and you can customize the settings for each Mode (see Customizing Modes).
Select Mode with the Dashboard or a Mobile App 
Modes are always selected manually from the Dashboard or a Mobile App. Night Mode does not automatically activate, you must select it. (Lights and other devices can change automatically based on timer or sunrise/sunset times using the Scene feature. Scenes and Modes work together, as explained later.)
Customizing Modes
You can change the settings within each of the four Modes by pressing on the right arrow button:

This launches the Configure My Modes menu, shown below. Click the switch under each Mode from Default to Custom and customize the settings for that Mode. (You can always return to the Default settings later just by clicking again.)

The settings that you can customize will depend on which Devices you have in your system. If you have Lamp Dimmers, for example, you'll be able to adjust light settings for each Mode. (The system will only offer settings for Devices that have already been included in your system.)
My Shortcuts
My Shortcuts are On/Off Controls for All Switches and Door Locks.  These controls enable you to quickly turn on or off all your light switches or lock or unlock all your door-locks:

If a number is displayed over the Device icon it indicates how many of that Device type will be controlled by this button. (In the example shown below, 8 door locks will be locked when "Lock All" is pressed.)

My Favorites
The Dashboard My Favorites displays your favorites Devices for easy access, much like you'd pin something to your bulletin board. The more Devices in your system, the more convenient this becomes. You can quickly check the cameras, door locks, or whatever else is most important to you.  Click "Add Favorite" to add Devices to the Favorites section.

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