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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016 08:12AM PDT
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The Users & Account Info Tab includes the Alerts section, explained below, where you can setup notifications about anything and everything in your Vera system.

Assuming you followed the instructions in the initial Setup Wizard successfully, when you click on the Users & Account tab you should find most of the information here already filled out. If you bypassed the Setup Wizard, had problems with it, or need to make changes (such as if you move to a new address), here's the place to do it. If you need to add a new User to your system, this is also the place to do it.

Let's clarify some basic terminology at this point so there is no confusion between what precisely is meant by "Account" and "User":
  •  Account - The Account is your log in information for accessing Vera using a web browser or mobile app. Note that one Account may be able to access two or more Controllers located in different places. For example, you might have one system at home, and another at your business, or another at the home of a family member you look after. That's why the next step after you login with your Account info you are presented a list of Controllers your account can connect to.
  • User - Each person who is authorized to use the Vera system is a "User". Each member of the household is usually a user. Several Users may be authorized to unlock the doors, for example, and in the event of an emergency the system may send notifications to several Users.
Select User Info to create or change a User's settings.

To receive email or text alerts to be notified of events that occur in your home, such as door lock activity or a motion sensor being tripped, you'll first have to setup your email address and phone number (if not already done) in the User Info section. Note that each method of communication -- text messages to your phone, and email -- must be verified first before you can start receiving notifications.

To verify each, you will be sent a code. Just copy that code into the field where requested.

When you're done entering your email and phone settings, click Save Changes.
Change password

Click here to change your own password, if you so desire.

The Alerts tab provides a very powerful capability of your Vera system: the ability to notify you when anything happens. What you choose to be alerted about is completely up to you, it can be only for the most critical situations, such as a suspected intruder due to a motion sensor tripping, to receiving an alert every single time a door or window is opened, or a lamp dimmer setting is changed, or a thermostat temperature changes, or anything else.

Getting notified each time your door is unlocked is a popular Alert, because you can use it to keep track of when kids come home from school, or when employees enter and leave, or whether an elderly relative has made it home safely. 

In addition to enabling you to specify Alerts you want to receive, this page also shows you the most recent notifications that have been sent out.

Other Users
When you select the Other Users you'll see of everyone else who is currently authorized to use this system. You will not see your own User account listed here, that information is accessible from the User Info sub-tab (see above). 

You can edit the details for each User listed by clicking on the pencil icon to right of each name.

Adding a New User
Here is also where you can add a new User to your system. Select the Add User button on the right to get started.

For each User you add, you'll need to decide their level of access to the system, as an Administrator, Guest, or someone who can only receive notifications but  has no control over the system.

For example, in a typical family, the parents might both be Administrators, the young children might be Guests to allow them to adjust lighting or lock doors but without changing any of the setups, and a neighbor might be made a notifications-only user who gets alerted if a sensor trips.

To receive notifications by text and/or email, the User must validate the email address and/or phone number by receiving a code number and entering it where requested, as shown here.

Tech Support
This sub-tab makes it easy to contact our support team and keep track of any issues you may be having. 

Unit Settings
The Unit Settings let you configure the date and  time format along with the Timezone. It will also allow you to select the City for the Weather Widget, and the temperature format you prefer (F/C). You can also rename your Controller (unit) here. At the bottom of this page you'll also find information that can help you identify your Vera Controller on your home network.

This is how you can exit from your Vera Account when you are finished using the system. Note: You may prefer to leave a computer or tablet logged in all the time, so you can quickly adjust and check your Vera system. There is no need to Logout, unless you're concerned about the security of a shared or public computer. Many Vera users keep a tablet in the living room logged in all the time for quick and easy access to Vera.

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