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Welcome to Vera! Getting Started

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016 06:59PM PDT
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Welcome to Vera Smarter Home Control
Congratulations on your selection of Vera for home or small business automation and control. If you're completely new to smart home technology, you'll be amazed by the convenience, the power, and peace-of-mind that Vera provides. Whether you're automating lights, keeping tabs on your kids, keeping your small business safe, checking in on loved ones, saving on energy, maximizing comfort, or all of the above and more, Vera makes it easy. 

You are about to enter an astounding world of convenience and added security. Vera will enable you to keep an eye on your home or small business, and automate many tasks like shutting off lights and locking up when you leave. Vera can provide you with alerts when trouble is detected, and you can check in on your home or small business from anywhere in the world. Vera is an amazingly powerful platform that easily expands to do practically anything you could want it to do in providing home control, automation and security. 
If you've got a new Vera to setup, just follow the easy steps in the Quick Start Guide, and then the onscreen instructions that appear on your computer. Then, once you're up and running (or if you already are) you can jump ahead to the next article, which begins by explaining how to use your Vera system. (See Meet The Vera UI7 Dashboard.) The Vera Dashboard, shown below, is what you'll see after your system is setup.  

The Vera Dashboard, shown above, enables you to control everything from your laptop or tablet from practically anywhere in the world! Mobile apps let you also control everything from your smartphone.

This article is the first in a series of support documents that Vera provides to help you set up and use your Vera system. If you experience any difficulties along the way, please do not hesitate to contact Vera tech support for quick, comprehensive and friendly assistance.

As with all the articles in this series, the idea here is to provide some deeper background and guidance and help for special circumstances, which is a long way of saying you probably don't really need to read all these articles to get up and running, though we certainly encourage you to read everything! 

Vera provides easy-to-follow Setup Wizards that make installation quick and simple. Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide for fast access to this onscreen step-by-step guide.

Initial Setup of Your Vera
A Vera "system" consists of a Vera Controller, which forms the heart of the system, and one or more Devices such as light controls, smart door locks, smart thermostats, motion sensors, video cameras, alarms, door/window sensors, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and more.
Vera Controllers are available by themselves, and as part of packages, known as Vera Solutions, that combine several of the most commonly needed Devices with a Vera Controller to focus, for example, on saving energy, providing home security, or equipping a small business.
Vera Controller and Vera UI7: The Heart of Your Vera System
As you probably know, Vera works with a wide range of "third party" Devices such as Cameras, Thermostats, Door/Window Sensors, Smoke Detectors and much more. What makes it a Vera System are two crucial components at the heart of your system -- essentially the central hardware and the software:
  • Vera Controller (hardware) - the information processor and communications hub of your system
  • Vera UI7 (software) - the user interface and control system that determines how everything works
Vera UI7: Fun to Use, Yet Powerful and Easy!
Vera UI7 is convenient and powerful smart home control software that runs your Vera system. Access and control your system using a computer, or using mobile apps. You will need a computer running a browser for the initial setup of you Vera system. The Vera Dashboard, which is the main control and operation panel for your Vera system, will be accessible after completing the initial setup. (Technically, Vera UI7 is firmware that resides on the controller itself. It is accessible from your local LAN or WiFi network via a browser, mobile apps, and also from the Internet.)

Depending on your particular Vera Controller, Vera UI7 may come pre-installed, or you may need to upgrade your controller from an earlier version.

Getting Started Setting Up A New Vera System

To get started you'll need to first unpack your Vera Controller and the Devices that came in the package (or that you purchased separately.) Identify what each item is, set the Devices aside for the time being, and take a look at your Vera Controller.

Since there are several models of Vera Controllers available, the best way to identify the specific connections you'll need is by looking at the Quick Start Guide that came with the Controller and following the Setup Wizard.

Speaking generically for all the Controller models, however, here are the steps you'll follow:

First, using a computer browser visit and click on "Control" and then "Remote Access" as shown below:

Using the Login Screen to Setup a New Vera
Next, you'll start setting up your Vera Controller. Do not enter a username or password here. Instead, click on the button that says "I have a new Vera to setup!"

You'll next be asked to identify the Vera Controller model you'll be setting up. Click on the drop down list of model numbers to see all the choices. Each has a picture to help you quickly see which Controller you have. 

Next you'll be reminded to connect your Vera Controller to AC Power and your Wi-Fi Router, with specific details here depending on which Controller you have.

Here, for example, is what you'd see with the Veralite Controller.

After the Controller is powered up and connected to the Internet, and its panel lights are lit (or not lit) as indicated in the instructions, click the Continue button. Note: The Controller will usually require several minutes to initialize before the lights stop blinking, so please be patient.

Identifying Your Controller
On the next screen you'll be asked to enter the Serial Number and "Mac Address" for your Controller. This information can be found on a label on the bottom of your Vera Controller.

Note: Vera values your privacy! The control software needs this information to find your Controller on your home network, and Vera needs this information to supply the proper firmware updates for your particular Controller model. 

After selecting Next the setup wizard will try to locate the Controller on your network, and assuming you've entered the information correctly, you should next see a screen that looks like this. (If you get an error message, carefully check that you've entered the Serial Number and Mac Address correctly, and try again. 

NEXT STEP:  Meet The Vera UI7 Dashboard


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