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UI7 ▾ General Availability Release ▾ Version 7.0.1 (1.7.374) ▾ Sep 28, 2014

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014 05:31PM PDT

General Availability Release ▾ Version 7.0.1 (1.7.374)


Statistic Release Notes

Summary of release notes/ Component
Resolved Bugs * New Features Improvement Grand Total
Android App 18 3   21
Bash Scripts 1     1
iOS App 6 1   7
LuupEngine 1 1   2
LuupEngine, MMS   1   1
Plugins 6     6
Portal 3 5   8
Web UI 90 23 6 119
Grand Total 125 34 6 165

Detail Release Notes

Android App
Put validation on [0 Day, 0 hours, 0 Minutes (Scene - Schedule-Interval)] (VUI-1488)
After a scene is run the run button disappears (VUI -1426)
Android app is OK after Unit is unassigned VUI-1400
Android app is OK on Dashboard VUI-1777
Android app is OK when add schedule daily sunrise duplicate VUI-1490
Android app is OK when Thermostat CT100 is deleted from web VUI-1374
Android app is OK when unpaired Philio PSM02-2 device( VUI -1373)
Cameras have Armed buttons in Devices Page (VUI-1757)
Door Lock selected in scenes is detected as SwitchPower(VUI-1485)
Edit trigger changes only the device but not the event (VUI-1428)
Inconsistency between web and Android for Z-wave repeater( VUI-576)
No watts shown for light switches/appliance modules that support it (VUI-550)
On devices view the Android app is OK (VUI-1436)
Problem with adding schedule (multiple times) (VUI-1145)
Status displayed for door lock is OK (VUI-1137)
When change state to Thermostat to Cool, Heat font changes to white (Scene action)( VUI-1404)
When pressing on 'User Created Scenes'wrong background appears (VUI-1494)
Wrong icon for thermostats in "Devices"->"View by List"(VUI-1134)
New Feature
Control door locks + "Lock All/Unlock All"
Add description name for gateways to Android  app (VUI- 1511)
Revised Congratulations Copy for Dashboard – Android (VUI-1211)
Bash Scripts
UI6 upgrade – Improvement (VUI-1768)
iOS App
Content of  Vista Cam PT snapshot or video as action in Scene Summary Step 2 is OK (VUI-669)
Schedule Scene on the ipad shows "en" in front of the dates (VUI-695)
Temperature format displayed on thermostats  it is OK ( VUI-1321)
Vera app is not crashing when try to connect to unit by pressing the button (VUI-1553)
View by: Menu Bar from devices don’t disappears when changing tabs from List to Room or List to Type (VUI-1749)
When a scene is edited , iOS app will not crash (VUI-1398)
New Feature
Add description name for gateways to iOS app (VUI- 1511)
Motion sensor from Sercomm RC8026W/RC8110 can be tripped up to 4 times in 1 second  - now is OK (VUI-1229)
New Feature
IP camera is added via plug and play (VUI -1411)
LuupEngine, MMS
New Feature
RTSP integration (VUI-924)
After camera Sercomm RC8110 was set to wireless a new device was created on the web UI (VUI-1236)
After switching a Vista Cam HD to wi-fi a new camera device is created ( VUI-129)
Nest plugin issue. Reported by Shack Guru. (VUI-387)
The Vistacam PT xml file is missing in UI7(VUI-1543)
VUI-1521 'Create another' button from plugins is missing (VUI-1458)
VUI-1521 Link to app's help is missing (VUI-1459)
CLONE - Login- "I forgot my password" ( VUI-1783)
Requested Detailed Callouts – Login (VUI-205)
Unable to assign new created user to unit (VUI-1359)
New Feature
Add description name for gateways to portal page (VUI- 1511)
Add info message on Register regarding the Username restrictions (VUI-1726)
Add option to recover password by entering email address(VUI-538)
Import Manage guest users functionality (VUI-1626)
Manage guest users – new functionality in UI7 (VUI-627)
Web UI
"Region" displayed twice in drop-down list VUI-1350
"Unknown Device" in "Additional Devices"->"Door Locks" (VUI-1360)
"Watts" missing from devices that have the capability to measure the energy used (VUI-306)
Aeon DSD31 displayed 2 times in "Additional Devices" from "Add Device" wizard VUI-1108
Bad confirmation message when removing devices created by the installed apps (VUI-1772)
Buttons are not correct in Add devices, Step3 VUI-1361
Camera View Snapshot  look OK  now VUI-1260
Cannot set device room and name w/ all the plugin's tab in top navigation VUI-1733
Child devices appear in Device wizard(VUI-1302)
City label appears 3 times if Region is not selected from Weather Settings section VUI-1313
Configured Z-wave devices have automatically configure set to no VUI-1557
Content , Label and Pictures are missing from all add Device steps (Firefox, IE) VUI-1286
Cpanel top_navigation does not work as it should(VUI-1585)
CSS Font Issue(VUI-1574)
Dashboard carousel displays errors when resizing window VUI-1572
Device Logs not shown (VUI-1529)
Device name and room are saved(VUI-1264)
Device wizard for Thermostat are combined with Camera Content and Picture(VUI-1284)
Device wizard missing a part of the content and pictures(VUI-1294)
Error "Gateway SerialNumber: 350##### is already assigned"( VUI-1470)
Error in function scan_wifi_network (VUI-1648)
Error 'Key does not match ErgyKey: null' (VUI-1475)
Fix wifi networks table look(VUI-1641)
Green color for "Retry" button in add device wizard for "Horstmann Radiator" VUI-1352
Green color for "Retry" button in add device wizard for "Horstmann Relay" VUI-1353
'Home tab' reference on 'Set camera to wifi' wizard VUI-1690
Humidity sensor has the The humidity value down below and unnecessarily takes up almost twice the space(VUI-1597)
Incomplete wizard for "Other Devices"->"Other ZWave device - Unknown Model"( VUI-1362)
Inconsistency - "Notifications limits" VUI-1635
Inconsistency for "add a device" button in Dashboard Cards VUI-1634
Inconsistency for devices cpanel on Devices page VUI-1651
Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard for "Kwikset Door Lock" VUI-1114
Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard for "Schlage Deadbolt" VUI-1116
Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard for "Yale Door Lock" VUI-1116
Inconsistency in Add device wizard after the Exclusion step VUI-1643
Inconsistency in Step2-3 from Add devices wizard VUI-1402
Inconsistency on Add user for the required symbol VUI-1725
Inconsistency text description in Cameras, Add cameras VUI-1408
Issue - dimmer slider in Edit House Modes VUI-357
Issue in "Discover WiFi Networks" VUI-1732
Issue in "Tech Support" menu VUI-1195
Issue when you try to create another device for an installed plugin (Google Chrome) VUI-1771
Load on link for Energy Profile correctly (VUI-1406)
Load on link for Energy Profile correctly( VUI-1406)
Minus Degrees Value can't be added for Thermostat (as event)( VUI-1427)
Missing GIF file from "Manually configure" - "Net & Wi-Fi Settings" VUI-243
Missing icon for installed apps when they are added to favorites VUI-298
Missing image from "Add Device" wizard for "Glass Break" sensor VUI-1119
Missing image from "Add Device" wizard for Aeon DSB45-ZWUS VUI-1121
Missing image from add device wizard for Schlage-TSBR-605C VUI-1378
Missing images from "Add Device" wizard for "Kwikset Door Lock" VUI-1368
Missing images from "Add Device" wizard for "Vision ZD2102" VUI-1120
Missing images from Add Device wizard for Jasco JSC-45704 VUI-1393
Missing step from add device wizard for "Yale Door Lock" VUI-1370
Missing step from add device wizard for "Yale YRLD210ZW605KWK" VUI-1385
Missing step from add device wizard for Energy Metering Power Strip VUI-1383
Missing step from add device wizard for Philio PSP01/PSM02 VUI-1387
Missing step from add device wizard for Vision ZD2102 VUI-1386
Missing token (_UNIT_NAME_) in add device wizard for "Ecolink ECO-DW" VUI-1355
Motion sensor not working anymore if camera is reset to factory defaults (Sercomm RC8026W) VUI-1223
No data displayed under column "Since" in "Notifications Limits" VUI-1703
No records - type "Gateway came online" VUI-1164
Notification bar alerts are not displayed in Alerts VUI-1584
Notifications Limits for SMS and EmailSMS marked as "unlimited" VUI-1701
Region is displayed twice in drop down menu VUI-1254
Remove filters "Source" and "Type" VUI-1127
Remove wakeup interval for devices that are not battery operated VUI-1198
Save button missing  for advanced and settings for devices settings VUI-1537
Scene creation wizard should not display invisible devices VUI-1587
Scenes main page not displayed properly VUI-1559
Serial port configuration page is blocked after device is detected (VUI-1499)
Status for keyfob/keypad exceeds device cpanel VUI-1721
Stuck with "spinning wheel" after button "Accept" is pressed from "Energy" menu VUI-288
Superposition in "Step 2: Device Actions" VUI-1760
The summary chicklets show that there are disconnected devices and it doesn't clear it's state out(Posted by Jim ONeill). VUI-1619
There is no "Exit" button in Add Device wizard for thermostat "Evolve T-100R" VUI-1109
Thermostat values updated after a page refresh VUI-1258
Tool-tip "Device failed to configure" not displayed all the time on the cpanel VUI-304
Tooltip displayed on devices cpanel only for a few seconds VUI-1262
Typo in "Add Device" wizard for "Schlage Deadbolt" VUI-1117
Typo in "Add Device" wizard for "Yale Door Lock" VUI-1369
Typo in add device wizard for "Yale YRL220ZW605" VUI-1380
Unable to set a schedule (Interval) > 60 minutes in Scenes VUI-1158
'Unknown Device' in Additional Devices, Dimmers and Lights VUI-1366
User is allowed to use the email address as username when creating account on VUI-1570
User Name is not accepting special characters (Email address format is not accepted) VUI-406
Validating unspecified phone number VUI-1509
Warning icon from Logs page overlapped by description VUI-1552
Wrong add device wizard for "Schlage Deadbolt" (VUI-1377)
Wrong steps in add device wizard for Schlage-TSBR-605C VUI-1379
Add missing UI7 tokens into language tool VUI-1354
Backup Dongle should be renamed to Backup Z-Wave Network VUI-1607
Device Wizard - Pairing Devices VUI-159
Email notifications view on web UI VUI-1274
Implement stylus css preprocessor for all parteners VUI-1712
Layout for server-pushed device notifications VUI-687
New Feature
"Secure Vera" option missing from "Unit Settings" (VUI-328)
Add a confirmation message when changing username and/or password for IP cameras VUI-1221
Add option to set user location - also needed for sunset/sunrise(VUI-544)
Bridge multiple units VUI-1512
Can play long videos using Google Chrome (VUI-1156)
Clicking on Energy Menu items affects devices(VUI-1504)
Door locks - weekly restrictions are OK(VUI-1616)
Generic devices, and child devices can be moved to different rooms VUI-1502
Insteon/X10 settings page is Active VUI-505
Issues - Guest user VUI-349
Missing wizard for Everspring EVS-HSM02-US(VUI-1356)
Multiple devices for plugins VUI-1538
Option to change notifications limits is active VUI-1153
RUN button shouldn't take into account time and mode restriction VUI-1315
Scenes display the ID number VUI-1501
Scenes section should display previous and next scheduled time VUI-1571
The “Do you want to secure your Vera?” option is missing from the Unit Settings (VUI-524)
The “UPnP devices” option is available(VUI-512)
The web interface should auto resize VUI-1624
Thermostat inside value is displayed on List view VUI-1465
Top navigation tab should be visible in all device tabs VUI-1698
Video player scale on smaller screens VUI-1599
VUI-Using css preprocessors VUI-1633

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