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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.2 (1.7.439) ▾ Nov. 11, 2014

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016 12:01PM PST
Priority Bug Epic Improvement New Feature Sub-task Task Grand Total
Blocker 17     1 3 4 25
Critical 19   2 2 3 8 34
Major 67 1 3 4 2 9 86
Minor 48   2 1 1 5 57
Trivial 4       2   6
Grand Total 155 1 7 8 11 26 208
New Features and Improvements
iOS App
Portal and UI - Global Input Field Correction - iOS
Add 2G flag to sData json from LuupEngine
Reset password does not show username
Filter 5GHz frequency range from camera Wi-Fi scan
Cannot manually add Vera 3 to account with the mac written on the back of the unit
Web UI
A sensor should toggled between “BYPASSED” and “ARMED”
Add option to add a pin code to all the door locks from the unit on the same time
Add option to enable tech support when Luup engine is not loading
Modify light switch state when the camera is viewed
    Controls in Device Advanced Settings
Updated and clarified user roles
Users with Notification Access Level should have option to set notification limits
Help Overlays
Added Device Notifications
Support for Linear Garage Door Opener
Bugs or issues resolved
Android App
30xCrashes from google play store with Null pointer exception
Android app crashed in Devices View by List
Date shown in Scene Summary Step 1 is incomplete
Login behavior
Missing token (_DEVICE_NAME_) in "Device Trigger" for door/window sensors
Missing token (_DEVICE_NAME_) in "Device Trigger" for flood sensors
Missing token (_DEVICE_NAME_) in "Device Trigger" for IP Camera Motion Sensor
Missing token (_DEVICE_NAME_) in "Device Trigger" for Vision CO Detector
Same icon for door locked and door unlocked
Time displayed for last 10 alerts is not the same with the one from the web
Welcome screen message
Z-wave repeater buttons are missing from 'Devices' Page
Bash Scripts
UI6 upgrade - remove files from /etc/cmh-ludl
iOS App
"My shortcuts'' buttons / icons and label are updated on iOS side after 20 minutes but action is send immediately
"Switch to Wi-Fi" is not implemented. Blocked by VUI-1312
A scene with duplicate schedule trigger can be created
After changing device state a spinning wheel appears device state aren't changed and can't be controlled anymore
Inconsistency between web and app for Camera-Settings
Remove "Current Temperature" for Danfoss Radiator
Remove Cool button for Danfoss radiator
Inconsistency Add Delayed Action at Step2 vs Web UI
Inconsistency for Edit Manual trigger flow
iOS app crashed when device Philio psm02-2 jumped in step 3
IOS app crashes after Login
My Modes are updated only after Logout and login
My modes states (Defaulf/Custom) are not in sync with web
On/Off buttons missing for Siren
Remove "Current Temperature" for Danfoss Radiator.
Remove Cool button for Danfoss radiator.
Remove Inside temperature for Danfoss radiator.
The percent symbol should be displayed after humidity level
Unable to control door locks
Welcome message displayed only on iOS app
When editing a schedule trigger in Scene summary appears old trigger
Wrong temperature format in Edit House Modes for thermostat
"Empty" alerts displayed on "Dashboard"
Builder not working anymore
checkraport fails
The Fortrezz SSA2 alarm is recognized as a dimmable...
Debug video camera change upon resolution camera setup
New camera credentials are not saved on VistaCam PT
Not sending CRC16 encapsulated replies
Philio 4in1 configuration issue
(FORUM REPORTED) Scheduled scenes are not working properly
CLONE - Email
Mobile Back End
App is crashing when multiple changes are made simultaneously on phone and web
C++ issues to review
Cannot see user details on customer care.
Issue (when name of the unit has 30 characters) on portal in "My Devices" page
Login redirect doesn't work
Unable to login with Advanced user
Username and Password fields are filled with Credentials saved in browser from a different account
Web UI
"Account Profile" section doesn't respect the mockup
"Glass Break Sensor" has the same icon as a door/window sensor
"Internet access is ok." is always displayed
"Pincode" value for a alarm panel used in scenes is saved as "_undefined_" in user_data
"Scene Legend" missing
"Virtual ON/OFF Switches" plugin - issue
(FORUM REPORT)value 0 not displayed
(FORUM REPORTED) Configuring the serial port doesn't work in IE11.
(FORUM REPORTED) Startup lua and line code automatically replaced by something else
(FORUM REPORTED) User is unable to modify the room that the device is assigned to in Internet Explorer
(FORUM REPORTED)Entering url strings using a input control type - sometimes the string gets truncated and not all the sting is available
After several pin codes added a separator is displayed
Bad confirmation message when removing devices created by the installed apps
Battery label displayed on My Favorites section
Button "Save Changes" (Electricity Cost) not displayed correctly
Camera Back button does not work
Camera live view does not scale on window resize
Camera View Snapshot doesn't look OK
Cannot add phone number with 6 digits
Cannot delete broken z-wave device
Cannot set device room and name w/ all the plugin's tab in top navigation
Child devices from thermostat CT100 are not invisible anymore
Add Device for kit less Vera
After uninstall the Apexis IP Camera plugin, redir...
I went from Dashboard tab to Devices tab and there...
Keep getting login screen when clicking between pa...
Legacy apps/plugins are not working fine. Not all ...
Unable to move generic z-wave sensor to another room
Command is sent with wrong service ID
Confirm that all datePicker controls use the same date format
Cpanel top navigation tabs prevents the opening of bottom navigation tabs
Daily restrictions aren't working on door locks
Daily restrictions with PM hours are saved as AM hours
Devices created by plugins should be displayed on List view as well
Devices of type window covering do not have a Settings button " > "
Display unit selected in section 'Controller Access’
Drop down menu from the upper right corner not working
End user with free account should not be allowed to connect remotely on web UI
Error message from 'Add User' page isn't proper if password restrictions isn't respected
Evolve T100R thermostat displayed as motion sensor in Device Type view
Full screen option missing from "Live" camera page
Generic Z-Wave icon for installed apps
Inactive button in plugin details
Inconsistency for "Everspring HSM02"
Inconsistency for Basic user permissions
Inconsistency for time format displayed on pin restrictions vs unit settings
Inconsistency on Add user for the required symbol
Inconsistency on time format for hh for pin code restrictions
Incorrect error displayed when advanced user tries to create a new user
Individual Rooms/Groups and Content List Order
Installed apps are not displayed in "Devices - view by List"
Issue in pop-up screen regarding Preset Modes
Issue under section "Optional Services"
Issue when you try to create another device for an installed plugin (Google Chrome)
Issues under section "Who decides which Agencies to call?"
Last trip variable is updated every time at wake-up
Legacy scene from UI5 is not displayed in Scenes but it appears on device "scenes" tab
Missing option "Cost per KWH of electricity" from "Unit Settings"
No add action button in advanced scene editor
No content displayed on Add device wizard for HEM 1st edition
No content displayed on Exclude wizard for HEM 1st edition
No data displayed under column "Since" in "Notifications Limits"
No delay description in Scenes -> Advanced editor -> Add delay
Notifications Limits are displayed 0 = unlimited
Notifications page from Devices settings page is missing
Pin code restriction still displayed after it was removed
Pin code still displayed after it was removed
Redirect to second unit assign to same account fails
Release Customer
Remotec ZXT-120 thermostat and ZFM-80 switch detected incorrectly
Remove "“ from button label "Let's get started"
Remove 'controller access' for Admin and Notifications users
Remove section 'controller access' from Other users, Administrator
scenes now have 3 steps instead of 4 1-trigger, 2-action, 3-notifications and luup
Scenes view 'Next Run' doesn't function properly
Section "Billing Address" doesn't respect the mockup
Section "How much does it cost?" doesn't respect the mockup
Section "Payment Information" doesn't respect the mockup
Section "Subscription Plan" doesn't respect the mockup
Section "What does it do?" doesn't respect the mockup
Siren should have On/Off button in Edit house modes page
Superposition in "Emergency Notification Contacts" when window is resized
Superposition in "Step 2: Device Actions"
switch to wifi menu not visible
The hash tag is not updated when you are on the notification limits page
Unable to enable option "Store logs on USB device"
Unable to open Unpair wizard for HEM 1st edition
Unable to set thermostat to Auto from Control page
Unable to unpair devices
VistaCam PT & SD, HD issues when connecting to Wi-Fi
Cannot change the notifications limits.
We cannot view remotely if some options are enabled.
Wrong add device wizard for Everspring HSM02
XML and JSON files shown incorrectly in UI
You can select "Custom Interval" without entering "start" date and "end" date
You can't add notifications for Z-Wave devices
Z-wave device messages overlapping with battery icon in Device list view.
The notifications (from My alerts) are displayed as undefined in Internet Explorer
Issue for name of devices that contains character "&"
"Next Run" for scenes with schedule is displayed incorrectly
Wrong message displayed under "Internet access"
Bad message displayed after option "Failsafe tunnels" is enabled
Inconsistency for Sensors that can be "Armed/Bypassed"
"Energy used" not working for thermostats

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