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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.3 (1.7.481/1.7.906) ▾ Dec. 19, 2014

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2014 09:34AM PST

Release Notes

VERA 7.03

Web: 1.7.481 for G100/G300, 1.7.906 for G150
Android: 7.54
iOS: 2.2


Release Features

Feature #1

VERA Geolocation & Geofencing
Vera can use your smartphone to determine where you are.  Scenes will be automatically launched and house mode changed based on whether you are leaving or returning home (i.e. locking doors, turning lights on/off, adjusting the thermostat, etc.).

  1. GPS must be active on the phone.

Feature #2

VERA Push Notifications 
Support of one gateway, one user, one device/phone/tablet, at present. Multi-controller support coming next year.

  1. Notifications appear only on the last device the user was logged in;
  2. If app is closed with 'Force close' from Settings->Apps push notification will not be received;
  3. If Internet connection is down only the last push notification will be shown.


Feature #3

UI7 compatibility assured for “Vera most used plugins”
**** the plugins MUST be published on apps by 3rd party developers or VERA
  1. Wake on Lan Plugin 
  2. Push Notification Plugin 
  3. GCAL3 - Google Calendar 3 | Google Calendar Switch Plugin 
  4. Ping Sensor Plugin 
  5. Variable Container Plugin 
  6. Thermostat Min Max Plugin 
  7. Smart Switch Plugin 
  8. SQBlaster Plugin 
  9. Deus Ex Machina Plugin 
  10. Radio Thermostat Wi-Fi Plugin
  11. Battery Monitor Plugin
  12. DVR Install Utility Plugin
  13. iCamView IP Camera Server Plugin
  14. Wunderground Weather Plugin
  15. Global Cache GC100 Plugin
  16. Virtual ON/OFF Switches Plugin
  17. Panasonic IP Camera Plugin
  18. Countdown Timer Plugin
  19. Combination Switch Plugin
  20. Heliotrope Plugin
  21. DataMine graphing and logging Plugin
  22. Samsung TV Remote Plugin

Feature #4

Custom Delay time for switching between Home and Away modes.


Feature #5

Users can recover their password using the mobile apps.


Feature #6

Support for Z-Wave Plus




  1. Add the possibility to view more than 10 alerts at once
  2. Add trigger based on instant energy usage
  3. Buttons inconsistency for device settings resolved
  4. Luup code window enlarged
  5. Option to recover password using email address
  6. Room name allows the single quote mark
  7. Send a registration email to new users




  1. (Customer Issue) On Vera edge the USB devices were not recognized
  2. (Customer Issue) On Vera edge the WiFi is not turned on by default
  3. (FORUM REPORTED) Mismatch with scene triggers after upgrade from UI5
  4. (FORUM REPORTED) Scheduled scenes are not working properly
  5. (FORUM REPORTED) api.getCommandURL() added in version v1.7.437 does not seem to work remote, the UI5 command_url version does still work.
  6. (FORUM REPORTED) Cannot add string in trigger input field for a scene
  7. (FORUM REPORTED) Variable _DEVICE_NAME_ does not display the actual device name in UI7 and instead displays a default text of "device"
  8. (Customer Issue) The motion sensor for the Aeon multisensor generation 5 is not added.
  9. (Customer Issue) The recessed door sensor is not detected by Vera at the inclusion/exclusion process
  10. No feedback from web UI when option "Automatic Device Detection" is enabled or disabled
  11. "3G WAN failover" always displayed as enabled
  12. "Energy used" not working for thermostats
  13. "Glass Break Sensor" has the same icon as a door/window sensor
  14. "Inside" missing for temperature reported by thermostats.
  15. 12 PM appears as duplicate in Door Lock Restrictions
  16. Add CT32 from Other devices wizard doesn't go to Step3
  17. Add Device Wizard doesn't jump to Step 3 for Ecolink Door Window Sensor
  18. Aeon DSB45 (Water Leak Sensor) added as a motion sensor
  19. Align input fields from Manually add camera page
  20. Apps buttons overlaps in device control panel
  21. 'Auto' Function is missing from Edit Modes for thermostat Remotec
  22. BACKEND - Refresh Device
  23. Backend threads started incorrectly after pause
  24. Bad message displayed after option "Failsafe tunnels" is enabled
  25. Bypass/Arm state can't be changed from slider button (iOS)
  26. Cache the data retrieved from energy plugin
  27. Cancel button from house modes change has no action
  28. Changes made in House modes are not saved every time
  29. City is duplicated in "Location" page
  30. Danfoss Radiator is added incorrect
  31. Device Control Panel arrow button is missing from View by List
  32. Device Category: Security Sensor token wrong value
  33. Display an info message near 'Secure unit' option
  34. Display info message when Alerts page is blank
  35. Display the notifications limit on Notifications Limits page
  36. Ecolink Door/Window Sensor is added as a motion sensor
  37. Email validation code received with html code
  38. Event ' whenever the device is turned OFF' appears to be set as predefined
  39. HEM 1st edition is added with incorrect category
  40. Hide list of backups is user is not authenticated
  41. House mode is incomplete after the mobile app is taken in and out from Stand By Mode
  42. IE issue with purify.js - unable to get property ... of undefined or NULL
  43. Incomplete parameters sent for Sercomm 8110 for RTSP
  44. Inconsistency when editing house modes
  45. iOS Once type scene don't run
  46. iOS scene schedule Once crashed when a trigger is deleted
  47. Issue - thermostat at "Step 2: Device Actions"
  48. Issue for name of devices that contains character "&"
  49. Issue in "Security Monitoring Services" section
  50. Issue in Device state change for Mode set to Default in Edit My Modes Page
  51. Issue in Unpair device wizard
  52. Issue under section "Optional Services"
  53. Issue when you delete alerts
  54. Issues - Security Monitoring Services
  55. Landscape Camera Live Image isn't properly Centered
  56. Last tripped variable is updated every time at wake-up
  57. Long value device variable overlaps other item in flash tab
  58. Missing Icons from Kit devices
  59. Missing option "Cost per KWH of electricity" from "Unit Settings"
  60. No add action button in advanced scene editor
  61. No control button for Aeon Siren in "Advanced Settings"
  62. No control buttons for Fibaro Flood Detector in "Advanced Settings"
  63. No error message displayed in Setup Wizard when email already exists
  64. Not all devices displayed on Edit house modes
  65. Notifications for Aeon Repeater (DSD37)
  66. Notify checkbox check/unchecked selection isn't saved
  67. Option "Backup Z-Wave Network" missing from "Create backup" page
  68. Option "Failsafe tunnels" doesn't stay enabled
  69. Play video records - not working in Google Chrome for camera Bosch micro 2000
  70. Remotec ZXT-120 thermostats not detected correctly
  71. Remove "temperature" from water leak sensor device cpanel
  72. Scheduled scenes with recurring timers and luup code crash the LuaUPnP engine
  73. Setpoint for thermostat Remotec is °C°F instead of °F
  74. Siren should have On/Off button in Edit house modes page
  75. SMS validation code not received
  76. Step 2-1 is the same with step 2-2 for "Evolve EV-LSM15"
  77. Step 2-1 is the same with step 2-2 for "Jasco 45705"
  78. Streaming doesn't return from RTSP to MJPEG
  79. Temperature for thermostat should be also displayed on the icon of the thermostat
  80. Text notifications are sent as attachments to email to sms users
  81. The "Welcome, XXXXXX" should use the user's name
  82. The linear garage door icon is off center
  83. The mimolite garage controller is diplayed as a sensor in Vera mobile UI7
  84. The notifications (from My alerts) are displayed as undefined in Internet Explorer
  85. The option to change the default value for variable "breach_delay" is missing from UI
  86. Thermostat Icon doesn't show the correct temperature
  87. Time Restriction Constraint for Pin codes
  88. Typo in "Restore backup message" displayed
  89. Typo in section "How much does it cost?"
  90. Unable to arm/bypass the flood detector from "Control" tab
  91. Unable to change Other users Notifications limits
  92. Unable to change radius color
  93. Unable to change state Off/Heat for Danfoss radiator
  94. Unable to modify the default value for variable "mode_change_delay"
  95. Unable to turn "On/Off" a dimmer from the advanced settings
  96. Unit assigned to account doesn't appear in 'Select Location' Page
  97. Update backend c++ library for support 64 Bit
  98. Users & Account Info -> Users Info - if push notification is checked and sms notification is not we have a error
  99. Users are receiving the validation code after the account is created but will not know what to do with it,
  100. Value '50m' isn't saved when editing 'Radius size' and 'Accuracy Location'
  101. VERA UI7 Firmware capability to connect to a wireless router is not working
  102. View Alert Button not working
  103. 'View failed devices' should redirect the user to the list with devices not responding. Blocked till VUI-988 is solved.
  104. Vision 4BH2-10002 water leak sensor is not detected correct
  105. Weather widget doesn't make use of the region
  106. Welcome scene doesn't redirect user to Edit My Modes Page
  107. When editing a scene created on android with location as trigger is detected on web as manual trigger
  108. Wrong alignment in Heal Report
  109. Wrong message displayed under "Internet access"
  110. Wrong name for Jasco 45705 in "Add Device" wizard list
  111. Wrong time displayed for Moscow
  112. Wrong time format displayed (AM instead of PM)
  113. You cannot edit an existing user - Into Controller Access part


Known Issues and Problems

  1. (FORUM REPORT) Auto-update checkbox for plugins
  2. (FORUM REPORT) "Can't detect device" for few plugins if luup.set_failure(false) is not called by the plugin developer
  3. (FORUM REPORTED) The upgrade does not delete the file: /etc/cmh-firmware/mios.squashfs when the upgrade is completed.
  4. (FORUM REPORT)Z-Wave group association for a Fibaro dimmer not working anymore after upgrade to UI7

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