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Intro: Upgrading Your Controller

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2016 05:37PM PST
Upgrading to VeraPlus and VeraEdge from VeraLite, Vera 3 or Vera 2 Controllers

Upgrading from an older Vera Controller to a newer model is simple. If you want to replace an existing Vera 3, Vera 2, VeraLite or Vera Edge with a new VeraPlus or VeraEdge Controller, it's easy to copy all your settings, including the pairing of all your sensors and other devices with the controller, so you can quickly upgrade to the new controller without having to re-install everything.
The transfer procedure, in which all your pairings and settings information (see "What Gets Copied" below) is copied from one controller to another, is a bit different depending on which version of Vera's User Interface, UI7 or UI5, the controller currently has running. (If your controller is running UI6, you should first upgrade its firmware to UI7, then follow the UI7 instructions below.)

The VeraEdge Controller

What Gets Copied
Just about all Vera settings will transfer over.

Exceptions: If you have installed 3rd-party plug-ins or custom scripting, you may need to re-install these manually after the transfer has completed. Not all 3rd-party plug-ins available for earlier versions of Vera UI are available for the current UI7 controller app. (For this reason, you may want to first check if your plug-ins are available for UI7 before proceeding with an upgrade from UI5. This situation is rare.)
Also note that the new VeraPlus and VeraEdge and other new Vera controller models are designed to run UI7 software, and the new controllers do not support earlier versions of Vera software and firmware. So all upgrade procedures will result in your new controller running UI7.
Select the appropriate link below for your situation:

Upgrade to VeraPlus from VeraEdge

Upgrade to VeraPlus from Veralite or Vera3

Upgrade to VeraEdge from VeraLite or Vera 3 running UI7

Upgrade to VeraPlus or VeraEdge from VeraLite, Vera 2 or Vera 3 running UI5

How Do I Know Which UI Version My Controller Has?
Go to your current Dashboard control screen and click on Settings or Setup. You should see an option called "Firmware." Click on Firmware and you should see a version number, such as 1.7.481. The second digit represents the series, in this case UI7. If it says something like 1.5.281 then your controller has UI5.

Note: The app, or software your controller runs is technically called "firmware" because it is stored in a special memory area of the controller that only gets updated occasionally, and does not require power to retain data.


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