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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.5 (1.7.541/1.7.1018) ▾ Mar. 9, 2015

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2015 01:23PM PDT


New Feature
1.       (Customer issue) Add option to download saved backups
2.       Bring back the two set points to the Thermostat GUI - Heat & Cool
3.       Display the current state of the thermostat
4.       Plugin support for UI5 and UI7 at the same time
1.       (Customer Issue)Device options configuration parameters constant pop-up messages
2.       (Customer request) Add the name of the camera in Cameras tab.
3.       Add support for ISO 8601 date format
4.       Sercomm camera plugin: update the unit IP on camera every time the plugin starts
5.       Vera alerts plugin is not compatible with UI7
6.       (Customer request) - Update the Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panels via AD2USB plugin
7.       (FORUM REPORTED) Test Luup code not working well the code is not run when pushing GO
8.       Add timeout option to all ajax calls in UI
9.       Add UI support for the plugin device wizard
10.   After the nightly VistaCam PT reboot, the camera returns to the default pan/tilt angles
11.   No Internet connection dialog
12.   DOM.purifier plugin removes href for links (observed in the device wizards)
13.   Implement device control 'spinner'
14.   Implement timeout for cameras thumbnail viewers
15.   Improve upgrade while connected remotely flow
16.   Lots of apps (such as the combination switch) require a LUUP restart
17.   Make rwee work with Z-Wave 3.99 firmware’s
18.   Modify REQ_Stream function of the LuupEngine
19.   Prepare multi_state_button to support more than 2 states
20.   Reboot the Sercomm cameras after switching them to WiFi
Bugs Resolved
"Lamp Module" in category "Sensors" in Add Device Wizard List
"N/A" displayed in Step 3: Name Your Device for Aeon DSB29
"Thermostat" (Centralite 3157100) in category "Sensors" in Add Device Wizard List
"Undefined" displayed in popup when store USB logs enabled
"x" Lights Off message is not displayed when button "Turn All Off" is pressed
(Customer Issue) Aeon Labs Gen5 ZW089 does not work
(Customer Issue) Aeon Labs MiniMote no longer works on UI7
(Customer Issue) Binary switches do not turn ON in UI7
(Customer Issue) Door lock reconfigures when "keep a copy of my pin codes" is checked
(Customer Issue) doesn't upgrade Vera 3 / Lite to the latest build 1.7.481
(Customer Issue) Foscam pan & tilt not working
(Customer Issue) Improper message is displayed when we try to record a video
(Customer Issue) Master devices show up as binary sensors in House Modes
(Customer Issue) Temp Leak sensor doesn't display the current temperature.
(Customer issue) The "greater" sign does not work to trigger events
(Customer Issue) The motion sensor for the Aeon multi sensor generation 5 is not added.
(Customer issue) Verbose logging is enabled by default on Vera Edge
(Customer issue) We cannot configure the Combination switch
(Customer issue) We cannot set weekly restrictions.
(Customer issue) You'll be brought at the top of the page and it's very annoying.
(FORUM REPORTED) lu_status request is blocking other requests and is causing performances issues.
'Add Action' page message overlap
Add additional info in Add pin code flow for Keyfob
Add device button is missing and appearing in View By List Devices and Favorites Page
'Add pin codes' required fields should be marked properly
'Add pin codes' two buttons with the same name and different functionality
Aeon 4in1 Motion is not getting tripped
After the upgrade from 1.7.906 to 1.7.957 some of the battery operated devices are not configured anymore
Alert type "DL_CODE_CHANGED" shouldn't be sent by email/SMS
Alerts type "Login from IP address" are not working - misnamed parameter
Button "Edit user" should be restricted for Advanced Users
Camera help overlay content isn't completely show when phone is rotated
Camera help overlay returns to first step when view is changed from portrait to landscape
Camera help overlay, inconsistency Recorded tab section portrait view vs landscape
Camera settings are not setup properly
Cannot recover password when username contains "@"
Change message displayed when pin already exists
Change template for notification "Pin code entered"
I have multiple Vera's on my network. (Large home...
Modes get highlighted incorrectly
Navigating in "My alerts". Trying to find images o...
'Del' button inconsistency, Device Settings Page
Device name with more the 20 characters can be saved
Device notifications page overlap
Device number in security cards doesn't correspond to the number of devices armed
Device status overlaps battery icon in List view
Devices tab is blank after visiting Settings -> Location tab [g150]
Display a message when there are no results in "Users"->"Details" - Support Portal STG
Display loading icon when lights are selected on Camera Settings page
Display only one option for 'thermostat goes above/below x degrees'
Display popup with warning when thermostat mode can't be set
Duplicate devices list shown in View by list (Redirect from Security Cards)
Empty popup on unassign process on portal
Ergy double scroll bar
Errors displayed when installing plugins "Program Logic Timer Switch" and "Program Logic Event Generator"
Garage door opener (Linear DG00Z) has the same icon as a light sensor
Hash tag is not updated for "Insteon Settings" page
Heal report page has no information displayed
Horizontal scroll bar is displayed on web browser
Improper message displayed when there is no record from an IP camera
Inconsistency between field restriction and error popup message for 'Energy used' field
Inconsistency between 'Home' icon web and iOS
Inconsistency between the buttons from the dashboard and the buttons from control part for the Linear garage door should have
Inconsistency for Other users password restriction
Inconsistency for password restriction
Inconsistency for 'revert changes' button from Net & Wifi page
Inconsistency for time format when adding weekly restrictions
Inconsistency in "Setup Wizard"- if Unit name field is empty
Incorrect alerts received from Philio sensor
Incorrect status for Secure Vera on the support portal
Information on Location Page isn't saved
Input box for pin code doesn't have a name
iOS app crashed when I tap on Notify checkbox (geofence)
JSON button width parameter ignored in UI7
Latitude and Longitude fields shouldn't accept letters
Missing devices from Devices/Type view
Missing space between Group ID and Currently values and buttons : Del / View.
No feedback displayed when button "Save Changes" for "Electricity Cost" is pressed
No records - type "User logged in"
Not all Vera user name is visible on edit preset modes page
Notification limit page changes permissions changes after refresh
Notifications not working
Outside Lock Button on Schlage - not working
Overlay Welcome Popup content isn't visible when moving from page scroll bar
Philio 4 in 1 Waiting for wakeup to configure device
Pin code index/number is not present in template for "User code # was entered, but is before or after the date range set for in"
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 (Z-Wave+) Aeon ZW089-C not working
Record video popup inconsistency ( Devices vs Live View)
'Recover Password' Page error message for incorrect old password not proper
Remove event "Ambient temperature goes above or below" from the list of events that can trigger a scene
Remove search box from Add generic z-wave device
Remove tooltip info from Daily Restrictions for Pin Codes
Restriction length message for device name appears even though device name has the correct length
'Show pin codes in clear' checkbox doesn't function properly
Sprint 5 - Device Wizard (Camera Pairing)
Storage field empty when no item attached
Superposition in Current Status Card
Take snapshot message isn't proper
Temperature sensor (child device) - is not created anymore for Fibaro Smoke Sensor (FGSS-001)
Template for "Pin code was removed" is incomplete
The footnote "Required" should be right justified to input fields
The size assigned to the tab having the flag top navigation tab is smaller in UI7 than the standard window size in UI5
Thermostat Remotec ZTS110 status message isn't properly shown in device container
Token displayed in Keypad Control page
Typo in "Current Users" list
Typo in "Welcome screen"
Unable to navigate to failed devices from Dashboard card
Unit time is not displayed anymore
'Unlocked Door Locks' label isn't shown in My shortcuts section
Update info about room name restriction
Update/Add account phone info - MMS 500 server error
Upgrade while on remote connection should redirect to new build
Values added in fields 'Variable' aren't saved, Devices Page.
View by list settings arrow are not aligned
Wasted space in Devices view
When editing a trigger from a scene, modes selection is lost
Wi-Fi networks not showing up correctly
Wrong message displayed when name of the pin code is already used
Wrong message displayed when pin code has less than 4 digits

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