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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.6 (1.7.569/1.7.1089) ▾ April. 14, 2015

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2015 04:13PM PDT
Release Notes – Vera UI7 - Version 7.06
Build: 1.7.569 (VeraLite & Vera3)
Build: 1.7.1089 (VeraEdge)
New Feature
H.264 Support for fluid video playback
1-Way Audio for Vera VistaCams
The camera presets are in UI7
Device integration
Linear LB60Z-1 - Light Bulb Integration
WO15Z-1 - In Wall Receptacle Integration
Express Controls EzMultiPli Integration
WS15Z-1 - In Wall 15a Light Switch Integration
WD500Z-1 - In Wall 500 watt Dimmer integration
WD1000Z-1 - In Wall 1000 watt Dimmer Integration
Nest Thermostat support (plugin & wizard)
"Add User" button should be restricted for Advanced Users
"AM/PM" not displayed correctly in "Add Scene" - Nexus tablet
"Auto" mode for thermostats
"Cameras" menu shouldn't be restricted for users : "Basic User"
"Every X seconds" missing from Schedule Interval
"Generic Device" can be selected in "Step 2: Device Actions"
"Show password" in section "Change camera current username/password to" doesn't have any functionality
"Undefined" displayed in popup when store USB logs enabled
(Customer issue) - UI7 Advanced Variables display issues
(Customer issue) Cannot turn blinking led from Viscam PT
(Customer Issue) Change category type for Linear Garage door opener
(Customer issue) Devices with more than one slider
(Customer Issue) NaN in command for thermostats for Secure SRT321 thermostat
(Customer Issue) Secure SRT321 thermostat cannot be controlled from UI7
(Customer Issue) The switch between the units doesn't work properly remotely
(Customer Issue) Device options configuration parameters constant pop-up messages
(Customer Issue) LuaUPnP flooded with sunrise/sunset messages
(FORUM REPORTED) Cannot open device simulator
*Quota limit reached* email received after 21 emails even though Notification limit is set to 0
386_Modify_room for one element of 3en1 don't involve for the others
406_Pb_Wifi_Parameter display
458_ paired devices display with unknown name
470_impossible to play a movie with Chrome 39 and IE11
479_keypad_add_user - Bad confirmation popup when adding user
490_Wizard -install_Siren_The button Quitter is present on step1-2-3
491_Wizard_install_Sirene_the menu_Reset_Usine is absent
513_Error_Message when user filled Validation Code even it is correct
523_Pb_ Installation wizard for supported devices
524_chevron buttonon Red House card does not return the list of warnings of x devices
525_Pb_install_HAB_Spinner displays, no accces to HAB.
526 - Siren installation wizard - Bad icon in Step 3
528_keypad_Pb displays when user delete_Pin_Code. All codes desappear. a refresh is requisite
533 - HAB install wizard - Phone number accept more than 9 numbers
534_Pb_when user create a rule with sign<> with 3in1 light the name token displays
535_By default _any event is ticked in rule when user has selected sensor as trigger
540_Suppress RFID = error msg in dashbord and keypad menu
546_in predefined mode, when user check notify someone spinner displays indefinitely
A scene with duplicate name can be saved
Activate / Deactivate button scenes doesn't work properly
Add more restrictions in section "Signup Now"->'Emergency Contacts"
'Add pin codes' two buttons with the same name and different functionality
Add restrictions in section "Z-Wave Settings"->"Repair"
Add restrictions in Z-Wave Settings page
Advaced user doesn't have access to see default wirelles password
Aeon dimmer added as binary light
After adding billing information the address field wasn't auto-filled
Bad alignment, wrong cursor and missing tool-tip on other users notification table
Basic User can edit House Modes
Battery removed, but not alert received by users (or sometimes some few days later)
Button "Restore Defaults" shouldn't be displayed for CO sensors in Create New Scene
Button "Rstore Defaults" shouldn't be displayed for door locks in Create New Scene
Button take snapshot from devices Page doesn't work
Buttons "Heal without stress test" and "Heal with stress test" are not displayed all the time
Camera Bosch IP 2000 isn't recognized using auto-detect
Camera SD is detected as security sensor
Can create a scene with a schedule once set from a date in the past
Cannot go back or forward in a recorded video
Can't change value for thermostat in Edit Modes Page
Change message displayed when pin already exists
Clock not working properly in IE10, Chrome and Safari
Plug your Energy Metering Smart switch into a 110 Volt Receptable
Unable to change state Off/Heat for Danfoss thermostat
cmh_Reset.all fails if LuaUPnP is stuck in deadlock
Count Up timer from "Firmware" page never stops
Create another pnp in KitDevice for AEON DSC25
Current setpoint displayed on thermostat icon in step 2 (create a new scene)
Customers cannot login with usernames containing upper case letter.
Danfoss Radiator should be preset to Heat
Danfoss Radiator shouldn't contain states: OFF/Heat/Cool/Auto in Edit Modes
'Del' button inconsistecy, Device Settings Page
Delay message isn't proper in edit modes page
Delay module popup should appear only when 'Home' mode is changed
Device list is updated with new device added only after menu tabs are changed
Device list isn't updated with new device added on unit
Device notifications page overlap
Device status overlaps battery icon in List view
Devices - camera play button
Devices buttons are not aligned on Dashboard page
Door locks shouldn't have 'Wakeup interval (seconds):'
Duplicate trigger once with the same date and time can be created
Error message displayed although all fields are filled in SW
Escape curl arguments that start with @
Event selection for On OFF device doesn't work
Filter "Failed devices" - not working
Flash player detection doesn't work properly in IE10
For Appliance Module in scene summary the content isn't correct for ''Whenever the Appliance Module is turned on'' event selected
FUT/OBS Inconsistency between the info displayed on the web UI and the info displayed by the cust care
FUT/OBS Problem time for an HAB in 1.7.800
Garage door appears in Camera settings under 'Turn on the lights:' section
ghost device appear when dissociate device
Glass Break Sensor displayed as a motion sensor
Graphical inconsistencies on devices cpanel notifications
Hardware issue with the Zwave 500 keyfob
Hash tag is not updated for "Insteon Settings" page
HEM should not be displayed in step 2 (select device actions) in Create New Scene
HEM shouldn't have "On/Off" buttons
Improve error message "Contact field Phone conditions not met. Field required:yes and max length:20"
Improve error message "Field State conditions not met. Field required: yes and max length:2"
Improve template for alert type "Camera sent image"
Improve template for alert type "Camera sent video"
Inconsistency - Add Device Wizard for users : Basic User
Inconsistency between field restriction and error popup message for 'Energy used' field
Inconsistency between the buttons from the dashboard and the buttons from control part for the Linear garage door should have
Inconsistency for "add favorite" between app and web version
Inconsistency for "my modes"
Inconsistency for "Take snapshot" icon in step 2 (select device actions) - Create New Scene
Inconsistency for Add keyfob instructions
Inconsistency for Basic User restrictions
Inconsistency for button "Take a snapshot" between web and app versions
Inconsistency for change thermostat setpoint by clicking on value
Inconsistency for General Status Card between web and app version
Inconsistency for house modes label in Scenes, Step3
Inconsistency for last/first name in SW
Inconsistency for 'revert changes' button from Net&wifi page
Inconsistency for time format when adding weekly restrictions
Inconsistency for tooltips "activate scene" and "deactivate scene"
Inconsistency in Add Device Wizard for "Garage Door Opener"
Inconsistency in Add Device Wizard for Linear WD500Z-1
Inconsistency in Help note content, Device Settings Page
Inconsistency in list of notifications added on a device
Inconsistency in notifications limits
Inconsistency in Unit Settings for Basic Users
Inconsistency on Keypad add pin code page
Inconsistency on View by List Page
Inside temperature for thermostats is not displayed on the icon on "Devices"->"View by List"
Invalid camera URL in Devices for cameras
Invalid characters for Dimmer accessory RF9542 name
Issue - dimmers in "Step 2: Device Actions"
Issue for sensors that can be armed/bypass in Device Actions (Create New Scene)
Issue related to commands attached to the slider control
Issue when 2 different messages are displayed at the same time in device cpanel
issue when changing modes
Issue with "Schedule"->"Once"
Issue with sensors (motion, d/w, smoke, flood)
Issue with the 2G : HABs 47100093 and 47100610
Issues in message displayed when Vera 3 is set "through a wi-fi access point"
Issues in section "Enroll Now"
Issues in Support Portal STG when window is resized
Kwikset doorlock Pin codes deleted and readed appear as inactive
Layout for "Devices view by List" is the same with the layout for "Devices view by Type" - Nexus Tablet
Light sensor and temperature sensor for philio psm02-2 device has the zwave icon
Linear LB60Z-1 Led Bulb added as binary light
Live streaming isn't working on IE 11 for Camera sercomm 8110
Lua should be restarted after device is deleted
Message "Please wait 3-5 minutes for camera firmware upgrade" still displayed after firmware upgrade was done
Method VerifyDeviceMac() always return false
Missing images from "Add Device" wizard for "Vision ZD2102"
Missing space bettwen Group ID and Currently values and buttons : Del / View.
Missing token - Security card
Motion sensor state should be ARMED/BYPASSED
Name of the wifi network
No alert is sent to Alarm Relay when unit is disconnected
No device message is missing from Scene Action Step
Notification Email value 'Sent' increase event thought Notification limit is reached
Notifications not working
Phone Number - State number is not changed according to State
Phone number validated ok but error message displayed
Port is not saved correctly when a camera is added manually with Other IP camera
Portal - Login Alignment Issues
Power Up State Variables aren't conform requirements
Preset Mode doesn't function properly (Default/Custom changes)
Preset Mode doesn't function properly (Device state buttons)
'Recover Password' Page error message for incorect old password not proper
Refresh needed to update page info after email validation
Restriction lenght message for device name appears even thought device name has the correct length
Room assignment for multi sensor devices
Scene doesn’t support 2 scene geofence with different status but with the same geofence as reference
Scene Run button on a green round font
Scene with Location trigger don't run
Secure Srt 321 is detected as thermostat
Security card isn't updated properly
Sensors reporting as not being seen by the HAB whereas they can trigger alerts
'Show pin codes in clear' checkbox doesn't function properly
sliders don't work with touch screen
SmartSwitch device cattegory is different than web
Spinning icon displayed on house modes after a mode is selected
Sprint 5 - Energy Module (Nothing Appears)
Sprint 5 - Setup Wizard (Confirm Workflow)
Sprint 5 - Setup Wizard (Confirm Your Information Screen)
stack corruption detected
State field validation not obvious
Status "Unlocked" always displayed after button "Control" is pressed - Kwikset Push Button Lever Lock
Streaming FLV is filling the controller memory
Success message shown as error
Support type 2 user can't validate his email address
Support user created with end user account type
Text corrections
The actual of battery is not displayed after "Battery level goes below"
The control tab doesn't show for Keypad
The Evolve T100R thermostat will not configure properly (shop).
The shortcut "View failed devices" from "Current Status" card - not working
The wizard for WPS VistaCam 700 displayed as "Unknown Model"
Themostat appears 2 times when is selected once as action in a manual scene
There is no edit or delete button for action in scenes Step 2
Timezone can't be edited
Typo in "ACCOUNTS"->"DETAILS" - Support Portal STG
Typo in "Device Trigger" (Create new scene)
Typo in Add Device Wizard for "Kwikset Door Lock"
Typo in create end user request
Typo in section "Billing" from "Accounts"->"Details" - Support Portal STG
Unable to change settings in Z-Wave Settings->Repair
Unable to change temperature from device arrow buttons. Blocked by VUI-1902
Unable to edit or delete a device action in "Step 2: Device Actions"
Unit Name is not saved in Setup Wizard - Basic User
'Unlocked Door Locks' label isn't shown in My shortcuts section
Update name for dimmer accessory in Add devices wizard
Upgrade on remote never end due to bad url for script
User can slide from scenes step 1 to Menu
Value "100%" split on 3 rows for dimmers
Variable "KWH" not displayed for HEM
Vera edge Z-Wave reset doesn't change HomeID
Video Recorded Size isn't fullscreen
Weather widget not displayed
When adding Insteon PLM the port is always: "false"
When you want to add the second trigger button "Next Step" should be disabled
wifi networks not showing
Wireless Setup wizard for VistaCam 700 opens add device wizard for VistaCam SD
Wrong buttons for Siren
Wrong icon displayed for Danfoss Radiator in "Select a device..." (Create New Scene)
Wrong icon for thermostat in Create New Scene
Wrong icons displayed for installed apps in "Select a device..." (Create New Scene)
Wrong info in "Unpair your device" wizard - Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock
Wrong message after the upgrade is started
Wrong message displayed when name of the pin code is already used
Wrong message displayed when pin code has less than 4 digits
Wrong order for "Interval Schedule" options
Wrong position for scene 'run error icon'
Wrong position for word "Inside" - thermostat in device actions - create new scene
Wrong steps in Unpair Wizard for Linear WD1000Z-1
Wrong steps in Unpair Wizard for Linear WD500Z-1
Wrong Timer selector for Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/After Sunrise/ After Sunset comparing to web app
Wrong wizard for Linear WO15Z-1
You can add opposite actions for the same device in Create New Scene - Immediately
You can't add 2 triggers type "Schedule - Once" in the same scene

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