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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.7 (1.7.583/1.7.1142) ▾ May 12, 2015

Last Updated: May 12, 2015 11:21AM PDT

Vera Release Notes

Date: 12.05.2015
Iteration: 7.07

Build #:
VeraEdge:  1.7.1142
VeraLite & Vera3: 1.7.583

Epics: 2

Camera Improvements                                                                                                                         Critical
Update Marketplace and UI to support plugin filtering for UI 5/UI 7 Critical
New Features: 5
(Customer issue) My city is missing Minor
Portal STG popup message displayed on firmware upgrade Minor
Remove the timeout or increase it to 8-10 hours Minor
CLONE - Explanation of buttons once an account is created Trivial
CMS - Automated test for billing portal                                                                                                  Trivial

Improvements: 3

Portal confusion Critical
Convert UI7 time zones labels into Windows-like time zones Major
Search as you type in country pulldown                                                                                                 Major

Fixed bugs: 150 

Please add the city Houten, that’s in the region Utrecht. Trivial
(Customer Issue) Philio PSP01 (3in1) / Philio PSM02-2 (4in1) - the motion sensor is always tripped Blocker
(Customer Issue) The motion sensor for the Aeon multisensor generation 5 is not added. Blocker
(Customer Issue) We should be able to add letters and numbers in the Zip Code field Blocker
(Customer issue) A hidden device should NOT apear in House Modes Blocker
(Customer issue) All the binary lights are displayed as a garage door. Blocker
(Customer issue) The camera has disappeared from the interface. Blocker
(Customer issue) Vera Edge crashes when is upgraded to 1.7.906 Blocker
CLONE - (MMS implementation) The alerts can't be filter by source according to the mockup Blocker
Camera Sercomm 8110 maximize/minimize arrows issues blocks the UI Blocker
Camera recording not working properly through House Modes Blocker
Changing house mode from keypad from Home to Away fails Blocker
Error when you purchase CMS Blocker
Live streaming isn't working on IE 11 for Camera sercomm 8110 Blocker
Many requests "request_image" Blocker
Mobile Provider is not "saved" in Setup Wizard Blocker
Philio 4 in 1 Waiting for wakeup to configure device Blocker
Scene controller NumButtons value format was changed - handle this in the UI Blocker
Sercomm 8110 Camera can't be added with the Wizard Blocker
Unable to change default values for device variables Blocker
Unable to change modes on 3G connection Blocker
Unable to restore a backup file from the server Blocker
Unable to restore a backup file from the servers - Vera Lite Blocker
Variable "Mode" set to random values (>4) when changing house modes (Random) Blocker
Weather Widget - not working (500 Internal Server Error) Blocker
Web UI blocked because camera is detected as connected/disconnected Blocker
Wrong steps in Delete-Unpair wizard for Linear WO15Z-1 Blocker
flash player issue on OEM - flash player not included in all oem override files Blocker
support token permission elevation problem Blocker
( Customer issue ) Pincode is added to all the doorlocks, even not all of them are selected Critical
(Customer Issue) SSL ERROR on Mobile Browser - Critical
(Customer issue) The Fibaro FGSD-002 will not finish to configure Critical
(Customer issue) We cannot disable the firewall on a Vera Egde Critical
Assigning unit to account for first setup is taking too much time Critical not working on CMS servers Critical
CT100 should have the humidity child Critical
Camera SD contains Presets (1- 8) Critical
Cannot play recorded video for camera Vistacam Critical
Device wizards -> use the translation function to process the text tokens Critical
Entering in Edit house modes is taking to much time Critical
Fibaro flood sensor is added incorrect Critical
Flow Player won't work when activating Secure Vera Critical
Http request that loads lu_status is not loading completely - Random Critical
Inconsistency in section "Is there a long-term contract?" - CMS Critical
Inconsistency in section "Subscription Plan" (CMS) Critical
Keyfob zwave+ is added as GenericIO device Critical
Missing devices from Devices/Type view Critical
Network Monitor rebooting the unit too soon Critical
Plugins are not working - configuration issues UI7 specific Critical
The basic user cannot change the password Critical
Upgrade on remote never end due to bad url for script Critical
User permissions not displayed on Details page Critical
Validated phone number disappears when Region and time zone information is changed on Location Page Critical
Variable mode_change_delay is reset to 30 seconds when basic user tries to change the House Mode Critical
Vision 4BH2-10002 water leak sensor is not detected correct Critical
"Error" - while trying to purchase CMS Major
"Live" camera displayed in "Devices" menu Major
"Region" should be mandatory in Setup Wizard Major
(Customer Care) Users cannot set the target temperature Major
(Customer Issue) Alerts are not displayed when you select "Custom Interval" and "Source" Major
(Customer Issue) Issue pairing Zwave.Me keyfob (ZME_KFOB2) Major
A notification only event created per device appears in scenes page Major
Alerts displayed on Dashboard are not chronologically Major
Alerts type "Login from IP address" are not working - misnamed parameter Major
Buttons Heat and OFF buttons should be hidden for Heater Secure SRT device Major
Camera Live streaming with old player minimize / maximize arrows are missing Major
Camera Thumbnails in Camera Tab are not displayed when viewing Tab Major
Can't connect to unit via Relay Major
Category 'Temperature Leak Sensor' displayed twice in Devices/Type&List Major
Change text displayed for Destination for push notifications in Alerts page Major
Contradiction in alert type "Device responding again" - STG Major
Danfoss Radiator shouldn't contain OFF/Heat buttons Major
Door window sensor child device from Philio 3 in 1 and Philio 4 in 1 doesn't respond when is tripped Major
Duplicate notifications per device can be created Major
Energy Help redirects user to Dashboard Major
Error message displayed when button "Heal with stress test" is pressed Major
Footnotes (1) and (2) are missing in section "How much does it cost?" (CMS) Major
Glass Break Sensor displayed as a motion sensor Major
Glass break sensor has incorrect icon Major
Horstmann SSR303 is added without name Major
In Device Options I'm not allowed to add a description to the variable Major
Inconsistency between the icon and the status for Linear garage door Major
Inconsistency for change thermostat setpoint from arrows Major
Inconsistency for popup message on Enable 3G Major
Inconsistency for wording on ZTS110 thermostat unpair process Major
Inconsistency in adding daily restrictions at 12 AM Major
Inconsistency in confirmation popup for 3G enabled/disabled Major
Inconsistency on events list for Appliance Module Jasco Major
Issue in Add Insteon Interface Major
Label issue in edit Modes Page Major
List of Video and Screenshots for camera has some bad icons Major
Missing Arm/Disarm button from Devices for Sensor 3 in 1 Philio PSM01-2 Major
Nest plugin wizard redirects user to Camera Page Major
Net and WiFI, saved settings update Major
No confirmation message is displayed when snapshot or video captured Major
No icon displayed for garage door opener Major
Notification limits label issue 'Maximum per day' Major
Notifications are displayed under Devices Major
Recorded video can't be Played or Downloaded for Vista Cam SD Major
Remove editable text boxes for users without permission to edit Major
Restrict ERGY activation for basic users Major
Restrict button "Reset to Default" for "advanced users" Major
Siren should be set by default to Off in Home mode Major
Snapshots do not appear in Recorded tab IE 11 Major
The alerts can't be filter by source according to the mockup Major
The name of the room should be unique Major
The smoke sensor gen5 from fibaro is added as a generic device. Major
Vertical scrollbar from Country drop-down menu - not working properly in IE10 Major
Video record should start from the second selected Major
Wasted space in Devices view Major
"Search device" doesn't work properly Minor
'Restore defaults' button shouldn't appear for thermostats in Scenes Device Action step Minor
'Snapshot saved' and 'Video start recording' labels are missing from Camera Live view Minor
'Waiting to configure device' doesn't stay on top of the window on Devices Page Minor
(Customer Issue) input box is not displayed in triggers Minor
Bad image for Add Insteon Interface Wizard Minor
Buttons for adding Generic Devices/Insteon Devices/UPnP devices are not working as desired Minor
Camera Video Widget is not centered and doesn't function OK on resize Minor
Confusion on website Minor
Country Code is missing from "Edit User Details" Minor
Country Code is missing from "User Info" Minor
Country field is not updated according to the typed text Minor
Device name restriction are missing from 'Params' Name field Minor
If a space is added in front of country name search doesn't work properly Minor
Incomplete name for Wintop iSensor Minor
Inconsistency in Nest Plugin CPanel, 'Main Tab' instead of 'Control' Minor
Inconsistencies in "Notifications Limits" page Minor
Inconsistency for "Back" button in Z-Wave Settings->Repair->"View repair report" Minor
Inconsistency for Basic user access Minor
Inconsistency for instructions on ZTS110 add device wizard Minor
Inconsistency for notification "A code was changed using the lock keypad" Minor
Inconsistency for notification "User code entered outside of valid date" Minor
Inconsistency in "Select Your Date" - Alerts History Minor
Incorrect trigger event "What PIN code INDEX number?" in Add Scene Minor
Individual Rooms/Groups and Content List Order Minor
Issue in Settings->Logs Minor
Light sensor triggers are different from humidity/temperature sensors Minor
Scenes are not sorted in alphabetical order Minor
Symbol for light sensor is not setup properly Minor
Terms and Agreements redirects to Google - Add Device Wizard Nest Thermostat Minor
Typo in Add Device Wizard - VistaCam 1100 Minor
Typo in Online Resources section Minor
Typo when you click "Back" in Advanced Scene Editor Minor
Typo when you delete a trigger in scenes Minor
Typo when you delete an action in Scenes Minor
VistaCam SD has presets included when added manually Minor
When clicking on Heal with stress test error message appears 'Invalid input, only numbers are allowed' Minor
Wrong message displayed when "record video" button is pressed from "Devices" menu Minor
Wrong name for "Sercomm OC431" Minor
'A PIN Code is entered' empty drop down issue Trivial


Total Resolved: 271                                       
User Stories, Epics, New Features, Improvements:
Total Resolved: 22

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