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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.11 (1.7.690/1.7.1419) ▾ September 07, 2015

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016 12:06PM PST
Vera3VeraLite, & VeraLite G: 1.7.690
VeraEdge: 1.7.1419
Issue Type Priority Summary Component/s
Improvement Critical Revise phone number usability for setup wizard Web UI
Improvement Major Add option to select temperature format if no city is available for a specified region Web UI
Improvement Minor Delete device button is on bottom of page Web UI
Improvement Minor Change the Home/Away device icon for WWN Nest plugin Plugins
Improvement Trivial User should be redirected to portal after changing Unit static IP Web UI
Bug Blocker False alarms from Vision ZP3102-5 motion sensor (after wakeup) LuupEngine
Bug Blocker Aeon Siren ZW080-C15 fails to configure with 7.10 Release LuupEngine
Bug Blocker Scenes with schedule weekly/monthly with sunset/sunrise won't work if selected day selected is "in the past" LuupEngine
Bug Blocker (Customer issue) Vera will not set the setpoint on the thermostat for auto mode LuupEngine
Bug Critical Cannot proceed to setup wizard without entering phone number Web UI
Bug Critical Development error when incorrect SN entered on assign Portal
Bug Critical Lights are not displayed on All lights On/Off shortcut - Vera 3/Lite Web UI
Bug Critical Vision CO detector remains tripped after test button pressed LuupEngine
Bug Critical (Customer Issue)" Can't detect device " error message displayed on sensors LuupEngine
Bug Major In Setup Wizard step 2 , if Country is selected as "Other", blocking point Web UI
Bug Major Wrong instructions in Add Device Wizard for Yale YRD120-ZW (Touchscreen Deadbolt Doorlock) Web UI
Bug Major The url is not updated when you click on 'add user' from preset modes Web UI
Bug Major Alerts page > delete request sent even no alert is selected Web UI
Bug Major (Customer Issue) - Notifications for energy usage goes below dissapeared Web UI
Bug Major Z-Wave settings – button missing from the page Web UI
Bug Major Slider in device cpanel should respect the same rules as the one in devices tab Web UI
Bug Major Wrong setpoints displayed when increment step is not a valid value Web UI
Bug Major Cannot change the setpoint using decimals from keyboard - heater Web UI
Bug Major Icon not changing when lights are turning On/Off Web UI
Bug Major Inconsistency in delete device which is contained on a scene Web UI
Bug Major After you delete the last alert from Dashboard the alert is still displayed Web UI
Bug Major LuaUPnP stops responding on port 3480 LuupEngine
Bug Major NetworkMonitor doesn't detect correctly if there's a Lighttpd problem LuupEngine
Bug Major Change subcategory_num for Linear In-Wall Dimmer WD500Z-1 Bash Scripts
Bug Major Display a confirmation popup before disabling USB logs Web UI
Bug Major Shortcut "Turn All Off/Turn All On" not working LuupEngine
Bug Major Wrong controls (Opened/Closed) for CO Detectors Web UI
Bug Major Linear D/W Sensor WADWAZ-1 always tripped LuupEngine
Bug Major (Customer Issue) Device status not updated with 7.09 release Web UI
Bug Major When changing modes from Mobile (android) the popup with the spinner should not be displayed on web, just on mobile Web UI
Bug Major 3 POST requests are sent when a new tag reader is added Web UI
Bug Major When editing phone numbers if I want to delete and I reach certain number of chars a new '-' char is added to the number Web UI
Bug Major Inconsistency in notification for thermostat under State changes Web UI
Bug Major Status message displayed under control buttons for several devices Web UI
Bug Major Missing icon for Window covering Web UI
Bug Major Firmware upgrade via Relay returns error 'ERROR:Device not authenticated' Web UI
Bug Major *Quota limit reached* email receviced after 21 emails even thought Notification limit is set to 0 MMS
Bug Major "Camera not connected" displayed random LuupEngine
Bug Major Disable 'Next run' when Scene is Deactivated LuupEngine
Bug Major Garage door opener has the same events as a light sensor Web UI
Bug Major "Glass Break Sensor" icon not changing on interface when device is tripped Web UI
Bug Major Incorrect text for lights Web UI
Bug Minor Wrong instructions in Add Device Wizard for Yale YRL220ZW605 (Touchscreen Lever Lock) Web UI
Bug Minor Wrong instructions in Add Device Wizard for Yale YRLD210ZW605WK Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency when changing in the same preset mode as the current preset mode Web UI
Bug Minor Password strength does not update on Add Other users page Web UI
Bug Minor Two popups displayed when timezone is changed in Unit Settings Web UI
Bug Minor Issue after "Unpair" button is pressed Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency for star symbol on store USB logs section Web UI
Bug Minor Wrong image in Add Device Wizard at Step 3 - Linear WO15Z-1 Web UI
Bug Minor Customer Care link displayed on 3G should open in new tab Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency for display duration for Error popup Web UI
Bug Minor CLONE - Inconsistency for Rooms/Room label on Devices page Web UI
Bug Minor Device Wizards do not finish in case of multiple retries Web UI
Bug Minor Validate and cancel buttons are not aligned Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency in room order on View by Room Devices vs Scenes Web UI
Bug Minor "Go To Shop" should open a new tab in browser Web UI
Bug Minor "Glass Break Sensor" has the same icon as a door/window sensor Web UI

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