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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.13 (1.7.760/1.7.1707/1.7.1754) ▾ January 21, 2016

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2016 09:49AM PDT
Vera3VeraLite, & VeraLite G:



Update January 22nd: A patch was issued to fix a configuration issue with the First Alert ZCOMBO device
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Issue Type Priority Summary Component/s
KNOWN ISSUE Critical Aeon Labs 6 in 1 multisensor - UV Sensor does not work. Web UI
KNOWN ISSUE Critical Schlage BE469NX doorlock fails to configure on Vera 3/Lite. Manufacturer Notified. Web UI
KNOWN ISSUE Critical Aeon Labs 4in1 multisensor Gen5 EU version is not finishing configuration. Manufacturer Notified. Web UI
KNOWN ISSUE Critical INSTEON PowerLinc Modem (2413U) causes reboot loop when connected to VeraPlus. Web UI
Improvement Major Add Energy Reading (watts) to Roller Shutter Web UI
Improvement Major Don't reload Luup after changing a value in "Serial port configuration" page Web UI
Improvement Minor (Feature request) - Welcome message changed to display first and last name Web UI
Bug Blocker Unable to use Philips Hue Bridge in Scenes at Step 2 - Device Actions Web UI
Bug Blocker Backup not properly restore between 2 different Edge units LuupEngine
Bug Blocker Energy used (Watts) is no longer reported reliably LuupEngine
Bug Critical Cannot save variable with default data size Web UI
Bug Critical Sometimes Philips Hue Lamp disappears from Dashboard Web UI
Bug Critical Incorrect instruction for Unpair on Minimote Delete device wizard Web UI
Bug Critical (Customer Issue) Error message displayed when trying to view camera live image Web UI
Bug Critical Camera archives video on every sensor trip LuupEngine
Bug Critical First Alert Smoke Sensor reports "Not Tripped" twice LuupEngine
Bug Critical High number of requests for exchanging authentication code for an access token Plugins
Bug Critical (Customer Issue) Phone Number Prefix for Singapore is incorrect Web UI
Bug Critical Missing variables in Device Option for Yale Touchscreen Lever Lock YRL220ZW605 Web UI
Bug Critical Wrong icon for relay thermostat SSR 303 Web UI
Bug Critical Z-wave repeater should not have On/Off commands Web UI
Bug Major Thermostat limitation to 50F Web UI
Bug Major Time for recorded videos/snapshots is not displayed for Vistacam PT/SD Web UI
Bug Major Unable to add 6 ambiances to Favorites (Philips Hue) Web UI
Bug Major Devices not properly aligned in Scenes - Step 1 if Philips Hue is added on the unit Web UI
Bug Major Devices not properly aligned in Scenes - Step 2 if Philips Hue is added on the unit Web UI
Bug Major (Customer Care) Show IR Transmitter devices on the UI Web UI
Bug Major (Customer Issue) Schlage LE162 cannot be controlled from the UI LuupEngine
Bug Major Control tab for Wintop Keypad gen5 is empty Web UI
Bug Major Missing image from Wizard for Wintop Keypad TagReader-GEN5 - BeNext Web UI
Bug Major Recored videos are snapshots or blank instead Web UI
Bug Major Remove "a scene is de-activated" notification for Minimote Web UI
Bug Major (Customer Issue) VeraAlerts plugin no longer works after 7.11 update Plugins
Bug Major Turn all OFF/ON shortcut should NOT include Garage Doors Web UI
Bug Major House mode timer starts on web, even if mode is changed from Android app Web UI
Bug Major Duplicate event can be created for schedule trigger Monthly Web UI
Bug Major (Customer Issue) Add support for new AD2USB module Bash Scripts
Bug Minor No validation for Latitude and Longitude in Settings → Location Web UI
Bug Minor Issue when you edit an existing room if more than 20 rooms are added Web UI
Bug Minor Symbol "%" is not displayed completely for Roller Shutter when slider is set to value 100 Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency for Philips Hue Bridge (View By Type/View By List) Web UI
Bug Minor Inconsistency in position for star symbol Web UI
Bug Minor Remove "On/Off" label from Philips Hue Bridge Web UI
Bug Minor Display date in ISO 8601 format Web UI
Bug Minor The "Path" field in the "Serial port configuration" page shows wrong variable Web UI
Bug Minor Wrong info in Unpair Wizard for Jasco 45652 Web UI
Bug Minor Incorrect text for CO sensor under triggers Web UI
Bug Minor Invalid timezone for Moscow (UTC+03:00) and add the city of Astrakhan to the Astrakhan Region Web UI
Bug Minor Incorrect icon for glass break sensor in Heal report Web UI
Bug Trivial Basic Users can change scene settings – they should not be able to change scenes Web UI
Device Integration   Wintop Keypad TagReader-GEN5 Device Integration Device
Device Integration   GoControl Door Window Sensor WADWAZ-1 Device Integration Device

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