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To VeraPlus/VeraSecure from VeraEdge

Last Updated: May 19, 2017 12:16AM PDT

Upgrade VeraEdge to VeraPlus / VeraSecure

Congratulations on upgrading to the VeraPlus/VeraSecure Controller! These instructions are intended for you to move your system from an existing VeraEdge controller to a new VeraPlus or a VeraSecure. 

The upgrade process is very easy. You'll first make a backup of your VeraEdge. Then you'll "restore" the backup to your new VeraPlus/VeraSecure. Follow these steps to get started:

First Backup VeraEdge and Save it on your Computer

1. Using a computer and browser, log in to your Vera Dashboard from our portal page with your username and password. Select your VeraEdge Controller.

2. From the Vera Dashboard menu on the left, click on Settings and select Backup, and then click on the Create backup button as shown below.  


3. A new page will open. Click on the Backup Z-Wave Network button first to create a Z-Wave copy of your network.

4. Next, click on the
Create backup button to save the file to your computer. Important: Make a note of of the folder or directory where the computer is saving this file, as you'll need it later.

5. Log out of your Vera Dashboard and account.

Next Transfer the Configuration to Your VeraPlus/VeraSecure

5. Connect your new VeraPlus/VeraSecure to your router.

6. Connect power to your VeraPlus/VeraSecure.

7. Using the same computer and browser, log back in with your username and our portal page . (But do NOT select your VeraEdge controller here.)

8. Select "I have a new Vera to setup" and proceed with the initial setup, and naming the VeraPlus/VeraSecure controller.

9. When the Vera Dashboard appears, click on
the Settings menu and select Backup.

10. Either drag and drop the backup file into the Upload area (using a file browser such as Windows Explorer or Mac Finder), OR click the Upload button and browse to the file’s location and select it.

Check the Restore Z-Wave network option to include the Z-Wave network from the VeraEdge.

12. Click the
Restore button to start the transfer to your VeraPlus/VeraSecure.

13. Wait. The transfer process will take a couple of minutes during which your VeraPlus/VeraSecure will reboot. When the process is complete, all the LED lights on your VeraPlus/VeraSecure will be lit, and you'll have your new VeraPlus/VeraSecure with all your settings from the VeraEdge.

 It is recommended that you check to make sure all your devices are communicating with the new VeraPlus/VeraSecure controller. For some Z-wave battery operated devices you might need to "wake them up" manually by activating them (such as by opening a window to "wake up" a window sensor, or by pressing the control button on the device.)



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