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Create Timers

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 07:51PM PDT
Turn lights on and off according to a schedule, or based on local sunrise/sunset times. Timers can control any device—lock doors at night, set thermostat schedule, close garage door in the evening.
To create a timer:
  • Select Scenes on the Dashboard app and then click + Add Scene.
  • Under Step 1: Select a Trigger choose Schedule
  • Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Once (one-time)
  • Select day, date, and time of day, sunrise, sunset etc. as needed
  • Click Validate
  • Click Next Step
  • Select Device you want to have triggered (such as light, door lock, etc.)
  • Click Next
  • Select what the device should do when triggered (such as on, off, unlock, etc. depending on the device)
  • Click Validate
  • Click Next Step
  • In Step 3 (Finish the Scene) you can modify which modes the timer will run in (default is all modes) and whether a notification should go out. You can leave these settings unchanged.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to Name Your Scene and make up a name (such as "Patio Light Off" to shut the light off every night at the same time)
  • Click Finish (Note: On next screen you do not need to test the timer. This is a list of all your Scenes—timers are a type of Scene. You are finished, and can go back to the main Dashboard screen.)
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