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UI7 ▾ Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.22 ▾ August 3, 2017

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2017 01:38PM PDT

UI7 ▾ Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.22 (1.7.963/1.7.3014/1.7.3015/1.7.3016) ▾ August 3, 2017




VeraProtect Professional Security Monitoring Service Beta

Added additional states to the beta program for VeraProtect Professional Security Monitoring service.
  • VeraProtect is now available in the following 42 states + District of Columbia.
  • If you are located in one of the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia; you can use our “Notify me when available” feature on the Services - “About VeraProtect” section, and we will notify you as soon as our monitoring service is available in your state.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Philips Hue improvements (see below)
  • Removed the mandatory Setup Wizard requirement for Web UI
  • VistaCam 1101: no audio feedback with default microphone codec
  • “Poll nodes” checkbox is again enabled on VeraPlus
  • Template for door lock notifications is now fixed
  • Changing the default credentials of the VistaCam cameras from the warning prompt is now fixed
  • Pin codes can now be correctly added for Yale YRD220-ZW
  • Custom interval issue when setting the previous day is now fixed
  • Hot Zone delete button now works properly on Web UI
  • VistaCam 700 isn't properly configured when it is added manually from Wizard
  • [Alexa] Only user defined scenes will show up in the Alexa setup page
  • Fixed detection issues for the Aeon Door/Window Sensor 6 (ZW112)
  • Setting a PIN restriction gets set on the last open "Restrictions" section
  • Notifications can now have special characters in name
  • User's information is not appropriately displayed in Setup Wizard
  • Alerts "Controller up" and "Controller down" don't have the same template as other alerts
  • Nortek Battery-Powered Thermostat (TBZ48) improvements

Philips Hue Improvement Details
  • Fixed Philips Hue color picker state in scenes
  • Philips Hue Plug-in asks for confirmation to leave the wizard after said process is completed
  • Philips Hue change IP address is not done automatically
  • Fixed integration with Alexa
  • Refined logging message
  • Moved the loading of the language tokens at the beginning of the init functions
  • Fixed an issue where plug-in would not finish installation and remained hung up in "Hue 2 Plug-in: Starting up...."
  • Fixed an issue where Hue scenes could not run from Vera
  • Fixed an issue where the plug-in would assign itself a new, unrelated, IP
  • Fixed language token duplication
  • Fixed scenes auto-starting upon creation

  • Added Philips Hue lamps controls to scene editor
  • Added multi-language support
  • Added Romanian translation for the language tokens

Newly Integrated devices


·       Remotec ZTS-500 Z-Wave Thermostat

·       Aeotec ZW117 Range Extender 6

·       VistaCam 1101 Weatherproof Full HD Camera

·       Vision ZM16101-5 Wireless Siren and Strobe

·       GoControl PD300EMZ5-1 Plug-in Dimmer Module

·       Vision  ZD2105-5 Recessed D/W sensor

·       Vision ZS6101-5 Smoke Detector

·       Jasco 45857 ZigBee Smart Dimmer Switch

·       Jasco 45856 ZigBee Smart Switch

·       Fibaro FGGC-001 Swipe

·       Fibaro FGPB-101-X Button

·       GoControl PS15EMZ5-1 Plug-in Appliance Module

·       Aeotec ZW111 Nano Dimmer

·       Aeotec ZW116 Nano Switch

·       Qubino ZMNHIDx Flush On/Off Thermostat

·       Philio PST02-C 3in1 Slim Multisensor (D/W, Temp & Light) Sensor

·       Philio PST02-B 3in1 Slim Multisensor (PIR, Temp & Light) Sensor

·       Philio PST02-A 4in1 Slim Multisensor (PIR, D/W, Temp & Light) Sensor

·       Hank HKZW-RGB01 RGB Bulb

·       Qubino ZMNHJDx Flush Module Pilot Wire

·       Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2.5-ECO PIR sensor

·       Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2.5-ECO D/W Sensor

·       Philio PSG01 Smoke Detector

·       Sercomm SW-ESW01N Smart Lighting Switch

·       Wintop iRFID Keypad 2.1


Known Issues:

  • When using Chrome v59, live streaming no longer works on local connections due to the new Flash Player policy. Google will restrict the stream and the Player will not show an image.
  • I2/I3 Inputs cannot be triggered for Qubino Flush 1 Relay, Flush 1D Relay, Flush Dimmer
  • Cannot wirelessly connect a VeraEdge Controller to a Wi-Fi access point with special characters in its SSID
  • VeraPlus cannot add cameras in some cases using SYNC (WPS) button
  • Cannot record video in Foscam FI9821W (Mjpeg)
  • Nod On Wall Switch disappears from the web UI in a bridge environment
  • “Controller Down” alerts are being sent when the relay servers are switching



New Features
  • When the controller is on cellular network backup, switch the application to basic interface and functionality***
  • Now you can correctly control a Nest thermostat (Works with Nest)
  • A new dial setpoint picker was introduced to ease the way you interact with any thermostat
  • For Celsius the setpoint is changed by 0.5 degrees, whereas for Fahrenheit the setpoint is changed by 1 degree (if not otherwise specified for a specific thermostat)
*** Available functionalities for cellular backup:
  • Change House Mode
  • Refresh House Modes (manually, by using the refresh button)
  • View controller alerts (Alerts Menu)
  • Use panic buttons (when VeraProtect service is enabled on your account)

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the application displays "Connect to Controller" button to Notification-only users (Notification-only users do not have access to controllers)
  • Fixed an issue where the Navigation Drawer becomes unresponsive and the navigation does not work after changing the application language from Settings
  • Fixed an issue where the Battery Card did not correctly display the value when the battery is removed or empty
  • Fixed an issue where the main page of the application was loaded twice (once when cached data was loaded and once again when the real-time data was loaded), consuming unnecessary resources
  • Fixed an issue where the message on a Device was displayed as an error, even if the message was just informative
  • Fixed an issue where the message "Empty List" appeared before the actual list of entities was loaded and displayed
  • Fixed an issue where an user was not able to scroll to the top of the Dashboard after scrolling to "My Favorites"
  • Fixed an issue where the type of a Scheduler Trigger was not correctly saved (for example, if "Before Sunset" was saved on the Windows App, it would display "After Sunrise" on Web)
  • Fixed an issue where all Devices load twice (on PC/Tablet), meaning twice the processor time usage and a longer time for the user to wait
  • Fixed an issue where editing a Scene that contains custom Lua code corrupts the Lua engine
  • Fixed an issue where a user was not able to view camera recordings
  • Many other small fixes and improvements

Known Issues
At this time there are no reported blocking issues.


New Features

Fixes and Improvements
  • Resolved issue where the app remained in an infinite loop on the startup screen
  • Modified thermostat temperature UI control
  • Improved speed, usability and stability
  • Improved layout for device templates
  • Camera streaming improvements
  • Find video files easily
  • Resolved multiple issues related to devices not reflecting their status correctly
  • Resolved multiple crashes
  • Improved geofencing handling



Fixes and Improvements
  • VeraSentinel and VeraSecure flow improvements
  • Improved user experience while using the VeraSentinel Hot Zones feature
  • Resolved issue where music was muted after opening Vera App
  • Resolved issue where users were able to access the app without entering the PIN code
  • Changed siren icon
  • Restricted camera’s Hot Zones name to 12 characters
  • Resolved issue where 10,15 or 30 minutes pin code delay doesn’t work
  • Resolved issue where some devices couldn’t be unpaired from device settings screen
  • Fixed an issue where editing a scene that contains custom Lua code corrupts the Lua engine

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