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Buttons and LED's for VeraEdge

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018 04:13AM PDT


Your VeraEdge controller can be easily managed using the LED light status and buttons.

This guide will teach you:

  1. The basic behaviors of the LED lights on your controller
  2. How to use the buttons on your controller

VeraEdge LED's Operations

Your VeraEdge controller has five LED lights. The lights are Power, Internet, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Service. Below, you will find the meaning of each LED state:
Power LED PowerLED.png
  1. On - Power On/Normal Operation
  2. Off - Power Off
  3. Flashing - Booting/Firmware Upgrade
Internet LED InternetLED.png
  1. On - Connected to the Ethernet
  2. Off - Not connected to Ethernet
  3. Flashing - Data is being transmitted or received via the Ethernet connection - Connected to the Ethernet
WiFi LED WiFiLED.png
  1. On - WiFi enabled
  2. Off - WiFi disabled
  3. Blinking - Traffic over WiFi
Z-Wave LED ZWaveLED.png
  1. On - Z-Wave function enabled
  2. Off - Z-Wave function disabled
  3. Flashing slow - Include mode
  4. Flashing fast - Exclude mode
Service LED ServiceLED.png
  1. On - Cloud Service connected and working properly
  2. Off - No Cloud Service installed
  3. Flashing - Cloud Service is not sending data properly

VeraEdge Button Operation

Your VeraEdge controller has three buttons on the side which can be used to reset the unit, include or exclude Z-Wave devices, and pair networked devices over WPS.

Reset Button

The reset button requires a pin or paperclip to be pressed. It has two functions:
  1. To reset the network settings, hold the button for 5-10 seconds
  2. To reset it to factory defaults, hold the button for more than 20 seconds

WPS Button

The WPS button is used to connect networked devices to your VeraEdge controller.
  1. Push the button to activate WPS pairing functionality; it will time-out after 1 minute

Sync Button

The Sync button is used to start the selection mode between the available radios. It has two operating modes:
  1. To include your Z-Wave device, press the Sync button once. The Z-Wave light will blink slowly, once every second, to indicate that your controller is in inclusion mode
  2. To exclude your Z-Wave device, hold the Sync button for 3 seconds. The Z-Wave light will blink fast, twice every second, to indicate that your controller is in exclusion mode

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