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Securing your Vera account

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018 03:28AM PDT

Securing your Vera account


If you find unusual activity on your Vera Account, these directions can help you protect it.

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Make sure your Vera account is safe
  • Teach you how to see last login logs entry

Step 1: Secure your account

1. If you think someone else is using your Vera account, follow the instructions to reset your password immediately.

2. Make sure you use a strong password by meeting the password requirements and using these tips to a good password:

  • Use letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Avoid using personal information and common words
  • Don't reuse passwords

Step 2: Look for suspicious activity in your Vera Alerts

Your Vera unit stores all users logins history.

1. Once logged in, go to Users & Account info > Alerts 

2. Filter Alerts by Type, from the drop-down menu and select User logged in

3. Press on the eye-shaped icon to see details like IP, exact time/date, and username.

Step 3: Secure your Vera

When this mode is enabled, all the access to your Vera unit is only possible through our secure cloud servers by logging in through the main login portal while local access will be disabled.

  • To enable it, go to Users & Account info > Security > Check the box for Secure my Vera

Once Secure my Vera is enabled two other options will become available:

  • Enable potentially unsafe lua code, like wget and RunLua.  - This option is mostly for developers which create or change MiOS plugins. - Having this option enabled might cause unexpected behaviour with some plugins or lua code.
  • Enable UPnP. This will make your Vera discoverable and controllable by other UPnP devices.

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