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UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.27 (1.7.1040/1.7.4000/1.7.4001/1.7.4002) ▾ July 16, 2018

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 07:36AM PDT
UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.27 (1.7.1040/1.7.4000/1.7.4001/1.7.4002) ▾ July 16, 2018


* Vera3, VeraLite, & VeraLite G: 1.7.1040
* VeraEdge: 1.7.4000
* VeraPlus: 1.7.4001
* VeraSecure: 1.7.4002


* Scenes containing “%” can now be disabled from WebUI
* Temperature leak sensor value and unit are no longer overlapping
* Fixed issues with Domitech LED Bulb models ZE27EU/ZB22UK/dtA19-750-27 randomly turning ON in certain scenarios through a Z-Wave OTA device update.
    * Note: This fix is visible 48h after the upgrade. There is a chance the light bulb will turn ON when the upgrade is complete at night. This would happen one last time post the update and after that the issue will be fixed.


Garage Door Controller
* Digital Home Systems zConnect Garage Door Controller DHS-WIN-GDC-02

Panic Button
* Philio Panic Button PSR03-C

Sensors and Multi Sensors
* Ei Electronics Z-Wave Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm EIA207RFZ
* Sercomm High Power Micro D/W sensor SZ-DWS08N
* Sercomm Water Detector SZ-WTD03N
* Zooz 4-in-1 Sensor Ver. 2.0 ZSE40

Switches and Dimmers
* Leviton Dimmer DZ6HD
* Leviton Dimmer DZ1KD
* Leviton Plug-In Dimmer DZPD3
* Leviton Plug-In Outlet DZPA1
* Leviton Switch DZ15S

* GoControl Battery-Powered Z-Wave Thermostat GC-TBZ48 (Z-Wave Plus)

* Centralite 3-Series Security Keypad 3400-G

*Note: For full compatibility of the newly integrated or hot-fixed devices, we recommend excluding and re-including them from the unit, after the upgrade is complete.


* When using Google Chrome versions starting with v59, live streaming no longer works on local connections due to Adobe Flash Player policy restricting the stream
* Minor issue when adding some cameras in some cases using only a VeraPlus and SYNC (WPS) button
* Unable to record video in Foscam FI9821W (Mjpeg)
* Only in a bridge environment, NodOn Wall Switch disappears from the web UI
* "Controller Down" alerts are sent when the relay servers are merely switching
  • Note: Controllers switch from one relay server to another as a backup only when the controller cannot communicate with the main server assigned to it. Reasons why a controller switches depend on external factors like the customer's network, ISP or server issues, etc. If the connection drops, the controller jumps to another server
* [VeraSecure] Even with the Wi-Fi option re-enabled, the UI displays the "Manually configure" option as being selected
* Samsung Appliances are not yet available for usage in Scenes
* Communication with devices is lost after upgrade in some cases only on controllers that have an external USB Z-Wave dongle (USB plugged)


We value your privacy. From now on you have more control over your personal data using your Vera mobile app. We added a special section that is only a tap away for better managing your privacy settings.

Fixes and Improvements
* Now push notifications have a convenient audio alert, even when the app is closed or the screen is locked
* Now Basic Users have permission to change Modes from the mobile app

A Basic User is defined as a person who can operate the Vera system as allowed by the Account Administrator’s permission settings.
Typically this is the level that's assigned to most family members, household helpers, or employees of a small business. These users do not have permission to make changes to account settings or to how the system is set up, and cannot create or change other users accounts.
The Basic User level of permissions is usually the most common, especially for larger families or small businesses with employees.

Fixes and Improvements
* Now Scenes can be disabled from the iOS app


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