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How to set up Nest Thermostat

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018 06:23AM PDT

How to set up Nest Thermostat

With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature. When added to Vera, in addition to the ability to control it from your dashboard, it can do so much more - You can basically interconnect it with any existing device from your setup and incorporate into your existing scenes.

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Pair and configure your Nest thermostat


  • A Vera controller with UI7 installed
  • An account on the Nest website


Pairing the thermostat:

  • Access your Vera controller, click on 'Devices' in the Vera menu, then on '+ Add Device'

  • Expand the 'Thermostats' section

  • Click on 'Nest Thermostat'

  • In the second step of the device wizard, click on 'Install'

  • Wait for about 2 minutes for the plugin to be installed

  • If successful, click on 'Authorize'and follow the steps presented below.

If you click on 'Finish' without authorizing the plugin first, you will see a 'VeraConnect Works With Nest' device in the list of 'Devices' paired with your controller. The red band message indicates that the device cannot be detected because the plugin is not yet authorized to connect with Nest.


Authorizing the plugin:

  • To authorize the plugin, click the 'Authorize' link. In case you already clicked on 'Finish', it is possible to authorize the plugin at a later time, straight from the 'Devices' screen. Simply look for the 'VeraConnect Works With Nest' device, click the arrow icon in the upper right corner, then on the 'Authorize' tab and again on 'Authorize '

You will be assigned a Client ID and you will be redirected to the login page where the application will ask for permission to:

  1. Control the temperature and thermostat settings
  2. See your Nest Protect's smoke, carbon monoxide and battery info
  3. Set Home and Away
  • Click on 'Accept' to confirm

  • Copy the PIN Code provided by Nest

  • Go back to your Vera controller and paste it into the 'PIN Code' input, then click 'Enter'

To learn more about Works with Nest connections, please refer to this link.
  • You should see the 'PIN Code was successfully saved' message 

  • After a couple of Luup engine reloads, the devices from your Nest account will appear on the Vera UI in the 'Devices' screen


What can you do next?

  • Set the thermostat operation mode
  • Set the fan operation mode
  • Learn about thermostat operations in Vera House Modes

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