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Scenes General Overview

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 06:08AM PDT

Scenes General Overview


Scenes are the tool that allows you to personalize your Vera's behaviors and give you the power to simply and easily customize your Vera Connected Smart Home.

This guide will teach you:

  • The basics of the Scenes menu
  • The process of creating a Scene

The Basics


The Scenes menu is easily accessible from your Vera's interface under Scenes > Add Scene.

There are three different triggers: device trigger, schedule trigger, and manual trigger.


Device trigger

This would be the device that will trigger the activation of the scene. For example, a motion sensor, that will trigger a light is a device trigger.


Schedule trigger

The schedule trigger allows you to select a time or interval that will trigger the activation of the scene. 


Manual trigger

The manual trigger will only activate a scene by pressing the activation button on the scenes list. This is very useful when you do not want to run a scene on a scheduled basis.


How to Create Scenes

Suppose you wish to receive a notification for when the smoke sensor is triggered, and as a result, you want the smart switch to be turned off.

  1. Press '+ Add Scene'
  2. Select the 'Device trigger'
  3. Press 'Select a device'
  4. Select the 'Smoke Sensor' from the list of devices
  5. Check one of the actions available for the smoke sensor; in this case, it is 'Whenever Smoke Sensor is armed and detects smoke'
  6. Press 'Validate' You will be redirected to the scene page with the smoke sensor device trigger added


     7.  You can restrict the trigger to certain intervals by clicking the icon . Check the 'Restrict the trigger to certain times' option, select the date and time range, and hit 'Done'

 The restriction interval will then appear below the device event.

       8.  If you are done adding devices, click 'Next Step' and you will notice the question 'What do you want to have happen?' with 2 options:

  • Select Devices - this means that the selected device will immediately perform the action
  • Add Delayed Action - this allows you to choose the interval during which the selected device performs the defined action

     9.  Since you want the Smart Switch to be turned off right away, click 'Select Devices' check the Smart Switch in the list, and click 'Next'

       10. To finish, set the switch to 'Off' and click 'Validate'

To summarise, when the smoke sensor is armed and detects smoke, the Smart Switch is immediately turned off.

     11. Click 'Next Step' to get to the final stage of the process during which you can choose when you want the scene to run, depending on your configured house modes


      12.  To apply the settings for all the house modes, click 'When I am in any mode'

13.  Check all the options and click 'Done'

   14.  Next, click 'Notify these people' turn on the toggle button that corresponds to your user, and hit 'Done'

     15.  To finish, select a room (optional), choose a name for the new scene, and hit 'Finish'

     16.  The new scene will be listed in the scenes overview - notice the green switch icon indicating that the scene is active

   17.  To test the Scene, click the play button. If the Scene is successful, the 'Last run" column will say the current date rather than 'never'

  18.  This will also generate and log a Vera alert. You will either get a push notification, email, or SMS


The above guidelines just scratch the surface in showing how powerful Scenes can be. They give you the ability to create and combine an infinite number of devices and actions.

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