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Getting to know about Switching Between Users

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018 03:42AM PDT

How to Switch Between Users

It has never been easier to share your Vera with everyone in the house!

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Switch between users on your Vera controller

Your Vera system allows you to connect multiple users to your account, each having one of the 4 pre-defined sets of permissions:

  • Account administrator - the user who has full control over the entire account and who can define the permissions that other users have on each system. An account administrator can edit the account information and change the way the system operates. Since this is the highest level of control on the Vera account, it is automatically assigned to the person who sets up the system
  • Advanced user - the second highest level of control. This person can do everything an account administrator can do except for two things: an advanced user cannot create new users nor change the status of the existing ones. As a general recommendation, the advanced user role should be granted to users who need to change device settings, as well as create or modify Scenes and Modes. This role can only be assigned by an account administrator
  • Basic user - the level assigned to most family members, household help, or employees. It means that the user can use the system but cannot make any changes to the account settings or the system setup. A basic user cannot create new users nor change the accounts of the existing ones
  • Notifications-Only Recipient - the lowest level of permissions granted. This role means that the user will only receive notifications by text and/or email when there are events such as security breaches, temperature extremes, or other security occurrences

To login with another user on the current controller:

  1. Access your Vera controller dashboard and click "Logout" in the menu


     2.  In the login form on the Vera portal, fill in the username and password, and press "Login"


     3.  Select the Vera controller you wish to access by clicking on the corresponding "Connect" button
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