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Why Upgrade to UI7?

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 05:06AM PDT

Why Upgrade to UI7?


Note: This article is intended for users of older Vera products, especially those with Vera3 and VeraLite Home Controllers, who may still be running an earlier version of the Vera app.

UI7 is the name of the newest version of the Vera user interface App. All new users purchasing any recent Vera Home Controller model, including the VeraSecure, VeraPlus, and VeraEdge models, will automatically be running UI7.

If you DO have an older Vera Home Controller that is still running the previous version of the Vera app, UI5, there are plenty of good reasons to update your controller's firmware to the newest version. THIS UPGRADE IS COMPLETELY FREE, REGARDLESS OF WHEN OR WHERE YOU PURCHASED YOUR VERA CONTROLLER.  

There are many advantages to the UI7 version:  

  • UI7 is frequently updated with bug fixes, improvements and security patches (UI5 is no longer updated)
  • UI7 is much more secure, with a revised API that includes authentication tokens
  • UI7 supports many new devices that were brought on the market after 2012 (which was the last time we updated UI5)
  • UI7 includes convenient new features like House Modes - Home, Away, Night and Vacation. These provide an easy way to arm and disarm your security system and start using it easily, the moment you have all the devices included. Also, the House Modes can change automatically based on Geofencing (using your cell phone's location to control things automatically)
  • UI7 features Device Pairing Wizards for specific, popular devices such as Aeon sensors, VistaCam cameras, Schlage door locks, Nest thermostats, and much more. This makes it much easier to add new devices to your Vera system, by providing step-by-step instructions for adding the supported devices
  • UI7 features a redesigned Scene creator, with a simple wizard-like interface. This makes setting up your automation scenarios as easy as 1-2-3
  • UI7 has a new Dashboard that neatly presents useful information when you first access your Vera system. You can quickly glance over recent events, check system status, switch house modes, quickly control your lights or locks, and see your favorite devices

The upgrade process from UI5 to UI7 for the legacy compatible controllers is explained here: 

Footnote: What Happened to UI6?

In developing new versions of the Vera app, we have from time to time created alpha and beta versions of the user interface (UI) that were never released to the public. That's what happened to UI6 -- it was never released. We felt that UI7 was so much stronger and better, and was so far along in its development that there was no point releasing UI6. So we jumped from UI5 to UI7. We hope you agree that Vera UI7 is the most sophisticated, powerful, and compatible home controller app anywhere.
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