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Controlling Your Vera System Devices Tab: View and Control Devices

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 03:18AM PDT

View and Control Devices


The devices tab is the place to control all of the devices in your Vera system, as well as add new devices to your system.



My Devices

When you select devices, the default view shows you all the devices in your system. Unlike My Favorites, each and every device in your system is listed here.

You can view devices three different ways:

  • By device type (Lighting, Door Locks, etc.)
  • By room
  • List - with details about power, signal strength and more

The device type and room displays are designed to provide quick access to control the devices, such as adjusting light levels and changing the thermostat settings. Here is what the screen looks like when viewing by type:



List view

When you click on list view, you will see all of your devices organized by type. The list view shows you several key technical details about each Device. This information includes the following:

  • Battery or AC power status
  • Signal strength (for wireless communication with the Vera Controller)
  • Is it a Favorite?

Here is what the same set of devices shown above looks like in List view:


From list view, if you want to control settings or setup for any device, you can do it by clicking the right arrow icon settings_button.PNG next to the device you want to adjust.

Controlling Devices

When a Device (like a camera, light switch, sensor, etc.) is properly working in your Vera system, you have control over that device's operation and setup using a set of adjustments specific to the device type. For example, a thermostat offers temperature settings, while a lamp dimmer has a light level adjustment.
Let's use a Smart Switch as an example.  Once you have included this device into your system via the Setup Wizard, you will see its basic functions right away -- in the case of this device, the basic functions are to turn it on or off.

A few device types:

  • Switches and Dimmers: On/off, dimming slider


  • Thermostats: Off, cool, heat, setpoint controls


  • Locks: Lock/unlock controls


  • Sensors: Arm, disarm


  • Cameras: Record video, take a still picture



Advanced Settings

You will also see a second button, which looks like an arrow pointing to the right settings_button.PNG, which will open up the control pad for that particular device.  Depending on the type of device and the device itself, there will be several setup options that may be configured.  For the example of the SmartSwitch, here is what a configuration screen would look like.  Again, there will be different options available depending on each individual device you are setting up.      

In the meantime, you can see a typical Control Pad screen below:


Don't worry -- you won't have to adjust any of these technical parameters if you're not comfortable with them. We will discuss these functions in a later section. 

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