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Meet The Vera Dashboard App

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016 01:37AM PDT
The Vera Dashboard App, which we call UI7 is Vera's most capable and easy to use user interface (UI) ever. You use Vera UI7 to setup and control your Vera system. Your entire Vera system may consist of many Devices. Vera UI7 brings them all together. With Vera UI7 you never have to fumble to switch between one device's app and another's, because all are controlled and viewed from a single, easy interface. Best of all, Vera UI7 enables them to interact with each other too. Vera UI7 is the "front end" of your Vera system, the part that you see and interact with. This is the main screen of Vera UI7 is called the Vera UI7 Dashboard.

(Note: The screens below show the Vera UI7 Dashboard App running in a computer browser. Layout will appear different on smartphones and tablets, but functionality is identical whether you're using a PC or the mobile apps, which you can download free from the Apple or Android stores. See for more info.)

Easy, Powerful Control of Your Home or Small Business
Vera UI7 is an extraordinarily powerful yet easy to use app for controlling your home or small business premises. The Vera UI7 Dashboard is built around convenient ways to quickly check in and control many things in your home all at once, such as turning off all the lights, locking all the doors, etc.

The Modes, highlighted below, make it easy for you to quickly change all the settings in your home or small business when you enter or leave or go to bed.

The Shortcuts, highlighted below, enable you to adjust many related settings all together, such as to adjust all the lights or lock all the doors. 

With Modes that let you change all your settings at once, Shortcuts, and Dashboard Cards that provide a quick overview of your entire system, using Vera is easy and simple, even for complete newcomers to home automation. Vera UI7 also delivers the full power advanced users need, with the ability to create your own custom Scenes. Whatever you want to do with smart home technology, Vera UI7 will make it easy and fun.

The Vera Dashboard is where you:           
            • Set up and configure your Vera system
            • Control and keep tabs on your entire home or small business system

            • Add more Users to your Vera account
            • Create Scenes to automatically trigger events, such as turning on lights when a door opens

            • Set up Notifications about activity in your home or office
            • Monitor and control your energy usage

Assuming that your Vera controller is already connected to your home network, your account is setup, and you have completed the initial Setup Wizard (adding Devices into your system), let's get down to the heart of controlling your Vera system -- the Vera Dashboard.


To get to the Dashboard you must first Login.  You can access the Login screen at the top of the GetVera web site at  Click on Control, then Remote Access. A new window will appear with the secure Login screen.
We suggest saving your login page as a bookmark for convenient access to your system.

After logging in successfully, you will be asked to select which Vera Controller to connect to. (If you have only one Vera system, there will be only one choice.) Select Connect.

It may take several seconds, or up to a minute to connect to your Vera Controller. Once the connection is established, you should next see your Vera Dashboard.

The Vera Dashboard

The Vera Dashboard is a web-based interface that provides the control center for things you want to control and monitor with your Vera system.  It can be accessed at home or via the Internet from any web browser or Internet-enabled phone.  It's secure too -- the Vera system uses the same security mechanisms as banks do for online banking. 

After getting a system setup with several Devices installed and Favorites selected, here's what the Vera Dashboard looks like:

Don't worry if your Vera Dashboard doesn't quite look like this yet, the next articles explain everything you need to know about setting up and using your Vera Dashboard.

NEXT STEP: Main Controls: My Modes, My Shortcuts, My Favorites


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