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UI7 ▾ Release Candidate ▾ Version 7.0.RC (1.7.318) ▾ Aug 8, 2014

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014 04:23PM PDT

FIRMWARE version 1.7.318 (Release Candidate)
Complete List of Bug Fixes and Features Added:

Fixed : Update the device wizards
Fixed : Updated Insteon Support
Fixed : Insteon/X10 settings page is missing
Fixed : My Shortcuts shouldn't show up
Fixed : Missing image from "Add Device" wizard for "Glass Break" sensor
Fixed : Missing image from add device wizard for Glass Break (Vision VSN-ZS5101US)
Fixed : Portal STG- Recover Password page -buttons are not aligned
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android in Edit house mode > Cameras
Fixed : Portal STG- Plugin your controller
Fixed : Issue with dimmers in "Edit House Modes"
Fixed : Inconsistency in error popup from Confirm information page
Fixed : Wrong alignment for level of battery in "Devices"->"View by List"
Fixed : Remove restriction for "Wakeup interval"
Fixed : Watts value position on device cpanel
Fixed : "Stress test" and "Poll now" missing from "Advanced Settings"
Fixed : "Error uninstalling app, please try again" is displayed, but the app was removed from the unit
Fixed : Inconsistency - "Rooms" / "Room"
Fixed : Remove unpair wizard for devices created by installed plugins
Fixed : "Scan and connect to a wifi network" is not working
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Setup Wizard"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Setup Wizard"-"Now, enter a name for your Vera"
Fixed : MAC address is missing from "List Network Devices"
Fixed : "Reload Luup to create motion sensor" message
Fixed : Scene flow blocks after selecting Manual -> Next Step -> Schedule -> Validate
Fixed : Add extra space after each ":" in Z-Wave Settings
Fixed : On a unit with no devices the cards are green
Fixed : Wrong message displayed in Step: Finish the Scene
Fixed : Inconsistency in Configuration variables settings page
Fixed : You can add interval triggers : every 0 minutes/hours/days in "Create New Scene"
Fixed : CLONE - Add Filter in Devices view by List
Fixed : Add iRate && iVersion to vera target
Fixed : Device Commands are missing for Door window sensor Fibaro
Fixed : Disable slider for thermostat in Edit Preset Modes if state is "No change"
Fixed : Wrong temperature format in Edit House Modes for thermostat
Fixed : Remove battery icon from sensors in Edit Preset Modes
Fixed : Vera will not accept an 8 digit phone number
Fixed : Inconsistency in message displayed on email validation
Fixed : Inconsistency for "Security" card between app and web
Fixed : No icon for HEM in Create scenes, Step1
Fixed : Notify user button is oversized
Fixed : No button to save changes on camera's Settings page
Fixed : Revised Congratulations Copy for Dashboard - Android
Fixed : After closing the app from task manager and reopene it and taping fast in Edit House Modes
Fixed : 'View failed devices' should redirect the user to the list with devices not responding. 
Fixed : Room Orded (Scenes) is not the correct one
Fixed : Typo for category "Thermostat"
Fixed : Remove repeater icon for motion sensors (that don't report battery level)
Fixed : Lights and Locks counter from Dashboard is missing.
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Edit House Modes" for "armed/DISARMED"
Fixed : Vera mobile - In House Modes Edit the camera is detected as a sensor
Fixed : "Turn All On" button is still clickable even there are no lights added to the system
Fixed : Wrong category name for smoke sensor
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android for Z-wave repeater
Fixed : Typo in "Current status" in Dashboard cards
Fixed : Add functionality to Current Status
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android for "General Status" card
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android for "Security" card
Fixed : Android Cards, The cards are really hard to scroll on mobile
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android in House modes for thermostat
Fixed : Inconsistency in Dashboard cards Current status
Fixed : Vera mobile Door lock status
Fixed : Status displayed for door lock is always "Unlocked"
Fixed : Button "Add user" from "Edit House Modes" is not working
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Create New Scene"->"Select a Trigger"
Fixed : Alert bar is not displaying all the alert. Number of web alerts displayed is bigger
Fixed : Typo when creating schedules in scenes
Fixed : When door is locked it has the same icon as when it is unlocked
Fixed : Empty alerts displayed on "Dahsboard"
Fixed : Missing icon for light sensor in "Devices"
Fixed : Remove "%" after value reported by the light sensor
Fixed : Repeater icon displayed on light sensor
Fixed : Repeater icon displayed on humidity sensor
Fixed : Repeater icon displayed on temperature sensor
Fixed : Inconsistency for Scenes option
Fixed : Login button from local IP should redirect to portal
Fixed : Inconsistency for Security card labels between mobile app and web UI
Fixed : Superposition between devices
Fixed : Remove word "Humidity" from device cpanel
Fixed : Message displayed when taking a video record fails is not correct
Fixed : Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius
Fixed : Selecting the same devices with the same event twice appears twice in scene summary
Fixed : Device wizard Pair devices empty step 2( no content , no picture, no buttons )
Fixed : Content , Label and Pictures are missing from all add Device steps (Firefox, IE)
Fixed : Rooms list not updated after a room is deleted from web.
Fixed : Unable to control door locks
Fixed : Lock all button is still clickable even there are no door lock in the system
Fixed : 2014.08 <All Projects> All Daily Testing Tasks (Maria Bahnareanu)
Fixed : 2014.07 <All Projects> All Daily Testing Tasks (Maria Bahnareanu)
Fixed : Fix/check cards
Fixed : Camera Buttons overlapped Home Energy Monitor Container
Fixed : Device Additional list from Device Wizard doesn't correspond to categories
Fixed : Add devices wizard doesn't go to Step2
Fixed : Wrong icon for thermostats in "Devices"->"View by List"
Fixed : Inconsistency for buttons in app
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android for themostat on Dashboard for temperature
Fixed : Value "100%" split on 3 rows for dimmers
Fixed : Change layout for button in "Edit Preset Modes"
Fixed : Inconsistency between web and Android on temperature thermostat
Fixed : Temperature displayed in "Celsius" but should be "Fahrenheit"
Fixed : "x" Locked Door Locks message is not displayed when button "Lock All" is pressed
Fixed : If you check the box store logs on USB, Vera will reboot.
Fixed : Lower font size for dimmer slider value
Fixed : Horizontal scroll bar is displayed on web browser
Fixed : Fix location page
Fixed : Images missing for several devices from Add devices wizard on STG servers
Fixed : Default Country is not properly set in SW
Fixed : Camera Video Widget is not centerd
Fixed : Button ON-OFF for dimmers not working properly in "Add scene"
Fixed : Inactive 'Save' button has the same color as active one in Device settings
Fixed : User Info: Should the word txt be after At&T in the phone provider dropped down list?
Fixed : Security Card and Carousel don't function properly
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Edit User Details"
Fixed : Unable to control plugins through scenes
Fixed : The tech support remote tunnel should be active at least 4 days.
Fixed : Typo in "Settings"->"Logs"
Fixed : Unable to add pin codes to door locks
Fixed : Plugins with JS don't work on UI7
Fixed : Unable to use "Lock All/Unlock All"
Fixed : Unable to control door locks
Fixed : Thermostat font incorrect
Fixed : Fix Smart switch view
Fixed : Superposition in "Dashboard cards"
Fixed : Issue when you change weather city from "Unit Settings"
Fixed : Only last 9 alerts are displayed on "Dashboard"
Fixed : Fix cards
Fixed : More than 10 alerts displayed on "Dasboard"
Fixed : Stuck in "Add Scene" - Step1: Select a Trigger
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard at "Step 2 Pair Your Device"
Fixed : Email Validation Link doesn't dissapear imedialty after code was validated
Fixed : Camera Recorded List not synced properly with MMS for VistaCam SD
Fixed : Superposition in "Unit name"
Fixed : Remove the legend at the bottom of the scenes tab in ui7
Fixed : Devices status is not displayed properly
Fixed : Security Cards carousel doesn't look OK in Firefox
Fixed : Device Wizard Welcome screen Content is split in two (has space to be on the same row)
Fixed : Issue when you validate the email address using the validation link
Fixed : 2 Emails Recived for 1 Validation code request
Fixed : Images needed for Central monitoring Enrollment pages
Fixed : Saving the Configuration settings variable is not user friendly
Fixed : Temperature for thermostat should be also displayed on the icon of the thermostat
Fixed : Issue when you try to view "Security" card
Fixed : Staggering Cards
Fixed : Email link in account verification
Fixed : Center cards and remove navigation if only 2 cards are present
Fixed : Blank validation email
Fixed : Default Country and Temperature scale
Fixed : User can view the alerts for a specific device without login
Fixed : There are users that has the same username with 2 email addresses.
Fixed : Setup Wizard Workflow
Fixed : Gallery Alignment
Fixed : Update Copy within Cards to Approved Copy
Fixed : Present frendly loading alert when user is opening the app
Fixed : luaupnp should only keep 10 most recent alerts and persist them
Fixed : Sometimes live streaming is not working properly
Fixed : Custom interval filter for alerts is not working properly
Fixed : Sercomm RC8110 - firmware version is not upgraded from 1.0.03 to 1.0.04
Fixed : "Undefined" in "Heal report"
Fixed : Update Card Copy within Dashboard - iOS
Fixed : Inconsistency in hour format when creating restrictions for door lock
Fixed : Time zone Field is updated only after Refresh ( Settings - Location)
Fixed : Inconsistency at step "Please verify that the following information is correct"
Fixed : Change font for values reported by temperature, light, humidity sensors
Fixed : Phone Number Field can't be erased from Setup wizard
Fixed : Missing picture from portal page for Veralite G
Fixed : When you create a new account is not specified that you'll need a password with special characters
Fixed : Revised Congratulations Copy for Dashboard
Fixed : Card Indicator Buttons and Cards Misaligned
Fixed : Wifi not set on VistaCam PT using plugin Version "22646"
Fixed : iOS app Vera Mobile for app store update
Fixed : Vertical Scroll Bar
Fixed : Wrong description for motion sensors in Step 3: Name Your Device
Fixed : Location page not working properly
Fixed : Weather country not set correctly
Fixed : City is not saved in "Setup Wizard"
Fixed : Re-publish Old Vera Mobile app as "Vera Mobile UI5"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Camera"->"Settings"
Fixed : Incomplete message displayed on "Security" card
Fixed : Room field from Device Wizard is marked as requierd ( field is optional)
Fixed : Inconsistency in Alerts - Legend
Fixed : Humidity sensor tokens from Scenes are not correct
Fixed : Missing degree symbol (°) for heaters
Fixed : Remove device commands: "Configure node right now" and "Poll now" for IP Cameras
Fixed : Wrong name for multisensors in "Sensors" list from add device wizard
Fixed : Inconsistency in add device wizard for Philio PSP01
Fixed : Incomplete info in "Step 2: Pair Your Device" for "Generic Z-Wave Device"
Fixed : Issue in add device wizard for "Remotec ZTS100/ZTS110"
Fixed : Wrong message displayed after "Create backup" is pressed
Fixed : Issue in "User Info"
Fixed : Wrong token ("view photo") in "Device option"->"Associations"
Fixed : Missing temperature format (F or C) in device cpanel
Fixed : Wrong image in Step 2: Pair Your Device for Sercomm 8110 IP Camera
Fixed : Remove web element from "Control" tab for humidity sensors
Fixed : Issue in add device wizard for Aeon DSB29
Fixed : Typo in "Dimmers and Lights" from add device wizard
Fixed : Missing token (_UNIT_NAME_) in add device wizard for "Everspring SF813"
Fixed : Typo in "Develop apps"->"Luup files"
Fixed : Typo "Modul" in "Dimmers and Lights" from "Add Device" wizard
Fixed : Display an info message in Create scenes, Step3, when no user is added to unit
Fixed : Missing setpoint from the web UI for thermostats
Fixed : Update Card Copy within Dashboard
Fixed : Issue (when name of the unit has 30 characters) on portal in "My Devices" page
Fixed : The MMS returned 404 on
Fixed : Update cards style
Fixed : Battery icon displayed on child devices or wall plugs
Fixed : Inconsistency for Requierd Label position
Fixed : 2014-06-12 Thermostat is still displaying temperature in Fahrenheit, even it was changed to Celsius
Fixed : In scene controller's settings page are 2 'Scenes' options
Fixed : Token: 34248
Fixed : Confusion in "Logs" page
Fixed : Device Options section for devices is not working
Fixed : The CT32 thermostat is added with 3 extra devices
Fixed : French content in "Security" card
Fixed : No Pan/Tilt for VIstacam PT and HD
Fixed : Android app degrees have a missing ascii character
Fixed : Zoom level in google control is not preserved at saving location
Fixed : Issue - arm/bypass a motion sensor
Fixed : No values displayed for light, temperature and humidity sensors - Aeon 4 in 1
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Confirmation required" message
Fixed : Phone number displayed as [object Object] in Setup Wizard
Fixed : Token: 969
Fixed : "Region" and "City" marked as mandatory but user can skip to the next step
Fixed : No values reported for thermostats on the UI
Fixed : Wrong alignment for button "Delete Selected" in "Cameras - Recorded"
Fixed : _UI_PAGE_TITLE_ subtoken
Fixed : Inconsistency for "Add scene" button
Fixed : Obtain users for all targets
Fixed : comments on assingned Jira bugs
Fixed : Fix appearance and disappearance of keyboard in settings camera
Fixed : "Poll now" has the same functionality as "Stress Test"
Fixed : Migrate UI7 support portal to live servers
Fixed : Typo "Every day Ar at Sunrise" in "Create New Scene"
Fixed : User Info is blank
Fixed : Change text from help tip from "Devices"->View by List
Fixed : App crash in "Create New Scene"
Fixed : Wrong message displayed when unit is disconnected
Fixed : Inconsistency for "star" icon
Fixed : Typo : "Unlocked nDoor Locks"
Fixed : Visual Callouts - Setup Wizard
Fixed : Tool-tip "Device failed to configure" not displayed all the time on the cpanel
Fixed : Setup Wizard - Merging Location Page Edits
Fixed : Delete This Section Is Work In Progress Bar
Fixed : Test iOS app
Fixed : 2014-05-27 CLK Web Add device wizard : Cannot save new credentials for camera
Fixed : Create apk for tablet
Fixed : Fix on off switch
Fixed : Tokens Required
Fixed : make a new build
Fixed : make a new build in ftp for Vera
Fixed : Create apk for release
Fixed : Inconsistency for unit name in Portal and Web UI
Fixed : Add language tokens for Apexis camera plugin
Fixed : Localization keys needed
Fixed : CLONE - Lights and Locks counter from Dashboard is missing
Fixed : Create Bosch target
Fixed : Create NRG target
Fixed : Update localizable files for all targets
Fixed : Incoherence in scenes - Vera mobile app
Fixed : Create a scene from VeraMobile, after you save it will get Please wait..loading forever
Fixed : If I try to pin a device to Dashboard I get spining wheel
Fixed : Portal STG Typo in "No systems added" page
Fixed : Portal STG- Plugin your system for Vera LiteG & Vera3 content missing
Fixed : Portal STG- Controller information Page
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Change description for username restriction
Fixed : "Scenes" missing from "Control" menu from Z-Wave devices
Fixed : Portal STG - Typo in VeraLite G description
Fixed : Buttons location on recover password page
Fixed : Portal STG- Login Page Button Labes should be centered
Fixed : Warning message not displayed correctly on forgot password page
Fixed : Portal STG - Inconsistency in "Login" page
Fixed : Cannot play some of the recorded videos
Fixed : Image is truncated for lives stream if it is put in full screen mode
Fixed : Remove button should appear when at least 1 device appears select ( Scenes/Select Action )
Fixed : When cards are moved to left, a space is displayed like another card is missing
Fixed : Cannot increase or decrees thermostat set point with more then one unit
Fixed : Wizard stuck in "Step 2"
Fixed : My shortcuts label is missing from Dashboard
Fixed : iOS app for Vera (LIVE)
Fixed : Crush after swiping up to show build in iOS quick menu
Fixed : All popup messages should have a close button
Fixed : Add trigger should be Add another trigger in scene summary with a trigger event allready selected)
Fixed : Inconsistency for the 'Add another trigger' button
Fixed : Unable to connect to a unit is the app is goes to background
Fixed : Portal support - search for SN returns 403 error
Fixed : The mobile app will crash
Fixed : Unable to change temperature on Edit house modes slider
Fixed : Save on camera button is crashing the iOS app
Fixed : When the Scenes option is selected from menu the app crashes
Fixed : App crashes when live streaming page is opened
Fixed : Can't view or download recorded videos
Fixed : Create new android apk with staging servers
Fixed : Create new Android build on live servers
Fixed : Create remote directory for 1.7.274 for Vera3 UI7 Skin mios Lang english
Fixed : Port account to new UI6 servers
Fixed : Replay video
Fixed : Update MMS on all package servers that have MMS Storage to rev 11987
Fixed : Create remote directory for 1.7.271 for Vera3 UI7 Skin mios Lang english
Fixed : Add device wizzard code
Fixed : First Alert Smoke and Smoke and Combo sensor does not trip
Fixed : Appexis camera answers with error string in body and http status 200 when fails
Fixed : Unable to setup group associations
Fixed : Images missing from device installations
Fixed : Different font size for the same message displayed on different devices
Fixed : Working IP Camera displayed as a generic Z-Wave device
Fixed : "1-JAN-1970"
Fixed : Submit iOS app for approval in AppStore
Fixed : Two empty IP camera devices added in user_data
Fixed : Wrong temperature format displayed for heaters
Fixed : Date format for recorded images and videos is always yy/mm/dd
Fixed : Outdoor module disappears from Dashboard when status changes
Fixed : Incomplete steps in add device wizard for Aeon Keyfob
Fixed : Options for Z-Wave repeater appear after click on back
Fixed : Tooltip for Key Fob not displayed completely
Fixed : You can't validate the phone number for an user "notification only" type
Fixed : Truncated text - device warning - in device control panel
Fixed : Inconsistency in warning popups from Setup wizard
Fixed : Jasco 45602W is detected with incorrect category
Fixed : The unit is entering too earlier into include mode.
Fixed : At inclusion process should be a NEXT button
Fixed : When using "Update Neighbor Nodes" - I receive "Receive Empty Response"
Fixed : Different categories for Aeon Repeater DSD37
Fixed : ERGY Freeze up
Fixed : "Clickable" areas in "Edit House Modes"
Fixed : "Device name", "Assigned to room" and "Save Changes" missing from "Settings" for Aeon DSD37 (Repeater/Extender)
Fixed : Country Field Error ->there is no Country Field in Billing Address form
Fixed : Install Aps module doesn't function properly
Fixed : Change text from "Congratulations, your new smarthome is ready to go."
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Dashboard cards"
Fixed : Devices are not displayed good on page, there are gaps between them
Fixed : If you have more devices added to favorites - are not arranged properly.
Fixed : No confirmation message when deleting pincodes
Fixed : Inconsistency for "Retry" button in "Step 2: Pair Your Device"
Fixed : Inconsistency for "Previous" button in "Step 2: Pair Your Device"
Fixed : Advanced Settings is missing for the cameras
Fixed : Add Camera Manual field IP address becames inactive when users returns to Step 2 ( part 1)
Fixed : Build 1.7.271 Web -> Module Scenes -> Device Trigger -> Cancel action needed for adding second, n-th trigger
Fixed : Issue "Add another trigger"
Fixed : Wrong icon for flood sensor in "Step2 : Pair Your Device"
Fixed : Scene creation - no back button when device is selected as trigger
Fixed : "Star" icon is not placed at the same distance (in relation to upper line) for all devices
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Step 3: Name Your Device
Fixed : Can go to Location Page without filling the Requiered ''Name'' Field
Fixed : Main menu is moving to the right side when you navigate from one option to another
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard
Fixed : Missing events for Flood Sensor in "Create scene"
Fixed : Superposition in device cpanel
Fixed : Dimmer overlaping other devices when it is at 100%
Fixed : Add extra spaces for values reported by sensors (temperature, light...)
Fixed : Remove "inside temperature" for those devices that don't report temperature (Danfoss heater)
Fixed : Temperature for thermostat should be also displayed on the icon of the thermostat
Fixed : Device Welcome Page has the same header and content as Setup wizard Welcome Page
Fixed : Add restriction for blank spaces for City in Weather Settings
Fixed : Temperature format is not displayed for temperature Flood sensor
Fixed : The notify user button is missing.
Fixed : Clickable areas outside the star icon in "Devices-View by: List"
Fixed : Option to add user is available, even if there is no user logged in
Fixed : House Modes Off and No buttons not bolded
Fixed : Remove web element from "Control" tab for temperature and light sensors
Fixed : 2014-06-12 Thermostat is updating instantly after a change from web
Fixed : 2014-06-12 Setpoints for thermostats are overlaping when editing house modes
Fixed : MyModes - Cannot set dimmer settings
Fixed : Issue - slider thermostat in House Modes
Fixed : Update plugin to change existing user/pass on camera
Fixed : "%" missing from "Settings" for battery level
Fixed : Change name for "Philio PSP01/PSM02" in add device wizard
Fixed : "Setup Wizard" not working properly
Fixed : Remove word "Humidity" from device cpanel
Fixed : Add extra space between total number of alerts and "back" button in "Alerts"
Fixed : The container for unit name is bigger than other web UI elements
Fixed : Placement for "No Room" in "Devices"->"View by Rooms"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Confirmation required" message
Fixed : Missing "." in "Current status" card
Fixed : Inconsistency for pop-up message "error - Please choose a different room name, a room with this name already exists.""
Fixed : Stuck with "spinning wheel" after button "Accept" is pressed from "Energy" menu
Fixed : "Watts" missing from devices that have the capability to measure the energy used
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Control" panel for devices
Fixed : Add extra space in "Settings" page for devices
Fixed : "Add" new service/variable/value shouldn't work if input boxes are empty
Fixed : Inconsistency in username requirements
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Alerts"->"Legend"
Fixed : There is no confirmation message displayed after button "Reset Z-Wave chip" is pressed
Fixed : If I open the Settings then I cannot close it by clicking on the '-' button
Fixed : Missing "." in exclude mode wizard for "Generic Z-Wave Device"
Fixed : Typo in "Current status" - "1 devices are not working properly"
Fixed : "reload Luup" in "Serial Port configuration"
Fixed : Inconsistency "USB" - "usb" in "Logs"
Fixed : Issue in "Users & Account info"
Fixed : Inconsistency : "Install apps" - "Install Apps"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Tech Support" page
Fixed : Inconsistency "Develop apps" - "Develop Apps"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Z-Wave Settings"
Fixed : Inconsistency "My apps" - "My Apps"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Net & Wifi" setting for "Reset to default network settings" / "Reboot"
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Net & Wi-Fi" settings
Fixed : Typo in Add Device Wizard for Yale door lock
Fixed : Wrong position for ":" in Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule
Fixed : Typo in "Backup" menu
Fixed : Superposition between "Add Room" and "Delete" icon
Fixed : Typo in "Unit settings"
Fixed : only one option for mobile provider
Fixed : Wrong image for Aeon HEM 2nd Edition in "Add device" wizard
Fixed : Wrong position for "Back" button in "Select Delay"
Fixed : Add an extra space between "items" and "(" in add device wizard for generic z-wave devices
Fixed : Wrong alignment in "Welcome to the install devices wizard"
Fixed : Wrong text on Step 2: Pair Your Device for VistaCam HD
Fixed : Unable to start "Add Device" wizard
Fixed : extract language tokens from ui7 and override folders
Fixed : Assert which of the most important plugins in the market can be used with ui7
Fixed : There is no indication at what page you are in "Cameras"->"Recorded"
Fixed : Status Card showing : "1 device is not working properly" but everything is working properly
Fixed : 2014-06-12 Inconsistency when viewing snapshot
Fixed : 2014-06-13 Discover WiFi Networks not working
Fixed : Unable to pan&tilt camera
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Add Device" wizard at "Step 2 Pair Your Device" (for Cameras)
Fixed : 2014-06-21 Testing team daily request agreed in Management Meeting
Fixed : Restyle the controls of the plugin generated devices
Fixed : Logs button shouldn't be on Login Page
Fixed : Incorrect label for sensors: 'disarm' instead of 'disarmed'
Fixed : Update path for wizard resources
Fixed : Create pages for Central monitoring Enrollment page
Fixed : Camera Settings page content displayed after a page refresh
Fixed : Wrong images for "MiOS VistaCam PT" in "Add Device" wizard
Fixed : Wrong images for "MiOS VistaCam HD" in "Add Device" wizard
Fixed : Wrong allignment (in relation to input box) for "Enter Room Name:" in camera settings
Fixed : Add extra spaces in "Switch to Wi-Fi" menu
Fixed : Typo in "Add Device"->"Security Cameras"
Fixed : Truncated text for button "Manuall install the camera"
Fixed : Inconsistency in camera settings
Fixed : Wrong tool-tip for "View Snapshot" in "Cameras"->"Recorded"
Fixed : Pan & tilt is not working as expected - VistaCam PT P2P
Fixed : Add manufacturer for cameras in config.js
Fixed : Schlage lock doesn't work as a trigger in a scene
Fixed : Glass break sensor status is not updated on web UI
Fixed : Password creation Field security levels
Fixed : Scene creation - thermostat heat and cool setpoint are not displayed
Fixed : Error 'cannot confirm security scheme' when z-wave devices are added
Fixed : Issues configuring Z-Wave devices
Fixed : Different categories for Aeon Repeater DSD37
Fixed : Inconsistency - "Rooms" / "Room"
Fixed : Add Luup Code to Scenes option missing
Fixed : Weather widget shows Undefined Undefined if country is not setup
Fixed : Unit is not entering in include mode when selecting Schlage door lock from wizard
Fixed : Unit is not entering in include mode when selecting FirstAlert smoke sensor from wizard
Fixed : Unit is not entering in include mode when selecting Kwikset door lock from wizard
Fixed : Issue when setting user configuration on Aeon 4 in 1 multisensor (DSB05)
Fixed : After inclusion process sensors are ARMED (house mode : Home)
Fixed : Option to 'Configure node' from devices Advanced page is not working properly
Fixed : Every time page is reloaded or user connects to the unit "Setup Wizard" is open
Fixed : Video records are not saved
Fixed : Option to select which user to be notified is hidden
Fixed : Every time I try to add a new user from the vera web interface I get an error
Fixed : Does not exist in the UI a place where I can set my location.
Fixed : Display firmware version for cameras added on Vera
Fixed : Duplicate Categories From View By Room/Type (Scenes - Device trigger & Action steps)
Fixed : Guest user was removed from the unit but I can still connect to the unit using deleted guest user
Fixed : "Next" button from "Location" page (Setup Wizard) is not working
Fixed : Login button from local IP should redirect to Live portal
Fixed : Can't Create a Scene with Manual trigger
Fixed : "Delete" command not working as expected
Fixed : Unable to connect to unit from iOS app with live servers, UI6 build
Fixed : We need the new wording for all Notifications and alerts.
Fixed : Values displayed for HEM are not visible
Fixed : Button "Validate Phone Number" should be inactive if there is no code entered
Fixed : "Validate Email Address" Button should be inactive when no code is entered
Fixed : Portal STG- Unassign Unit popup
Fixed : No option to poll, stress test, configure devices
Fixed : Issue with email validation
Fixed : Scene Created shows "Failed" message but the device trigger works
Fixed : Correct the values from MiOS translation tool
Fixed : Scenes do not run on sunset or sunrise.
Fixed : Add RtspURL variable for Sercomm camera
Fixed : Blocked in some user steps of Setup wizard
Fixed : Portal STG- Plugin your system page UI
Fixed : Portal STG- Assigning system to account popup
Fixed : Filter alerts - not working properly
Fixed : Is the battery Icon suppose to be displayed in Favorite devices in Dashboard?
Fixed : Error Messages Displayed when user clicks on text fields
Fixed : Provide user option to choose which on/off switches and dimmers he controls through the dashboard widget.
Fixed : on Vera mobile - Create scenes the name for a device is displayed _DEVICE_NAME_
Fixed : Unable to change setpoint on thermostat on Android
Fixed : On the dashboard we have 2 button for Lights ON.
Fixed : Camera is not accessible from the devices view
Fixed : Canot pin a device from Devices tab - List
Fixed : Vera mobile - the thermostat is not updated.
Fixed : Reset password background color overlaps other icons
Fixed : Failure to add a controller
Fixed : Confirmation Emails
Fixed : Portal support - mark all mandatory fields from login page
Fixed : Can't un-assign unit from account
Fixed : Option "Upload backup on server" doens't stay enabled
Fixed : "Take snapshot" missing from camera's actions in "Create scene" wizard
Fixed : You can't add a "generic IP camera" using manual installation
Fixed : "Repair" and "Advanced" buttons from "Z-Wave Settings" are not working properly
Fixed : Issue when you try to access "Logs" page from a specific device
Fixed : Fields from camera's settings page are empty even the camera is working
Fixed : The settings section for each camera are empty
Fixed : Icons displayed
Fixed : Authentification Required For a previously included camera in Camera AutoDetect step
Fixed : Tooltip for battery life, signal strength, plugged icons
Fixed : Energy card layout
Fixed : Update all z-wave messages with the new ones sent by Cliff
Fixed : No option to add url for 3rd party cameras or Vistacam SD/PT/HD
Fixed : Alerts is missing the device name
Fixed : The ON / OFF button from a device when you try to create a scene
Fixed : Clean the UI's to reduce build size
Fixed : Slow response through relay (turning ON-OFF devices)
Fixed : UI6.5 STG 2 buttons "Return to page"
Fixed : Different categories for installed apps
Fixed : Inconsistency for "Add a scene" button
Fixed : Inconsistency in "Scene Legend"
Fixed : All favorites are deleted when a single device was removed from "My Favorites"
Fixed : Issue with title of device display
Fixed : Dashboard show notification drop-down menu issue
Fixed : When in apps - my apps. If you uninstall an app it reorts failed however it gets removed
Fixed : I cannot edit an existing scene
Fixed : Pin Code Index Number is not shown
Fixed : SMS validation code is truncated
Fixed : After I install an app I don't know if the app is installed or not
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Change password is not working
Fixed : Pin Code Restrictions
Fixed : On the Dashboard lock al button doesn't exist
Fixed : Open Sans for commercial use
Fixed : "Save and apply" button from "Net & Wi-fi" is not working
Fixed : You can't add a restriction for pin codes
Fixed : Settings section for devices is not working
Fixed : No option to upload and restore previously saved backup
Fixed : There is no button for create rooms in Settings>Rooms IOS app CLK
Fixed : Cameras- Settings
Fixed : Wrong sub-menu under "Settings"
Fixed : Re-write the code from SelectDelayActivity.class
Fixed : There is no more option to restore a backup...
Fixed : The unit name is not saved
Fixed : Users & Account info > Account info selecting Unit Settings in the left menu causing left menu to go to top menu instead of selected Unit Settings submenu
Fixed : I click on the Create backup and no backup is shown in the list.
Fixed : Portal STG - Missing "Add Another Unit" from "My Devices" page
Fixed : Align the Dashboard design to the initial mock-ups.
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Issue after button "Save" is pressed in "Account Settings"
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Issue in "Mailing Address" and in "Billing Address"
Fixed : UI6.5 STG The list of countries is not in alphabetically order
Fixed : country code is not preset
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Change description for new password and confirm password restriction
Fixed : Unable to enable option "Store logs on USB device"
Fixed : UI6.5 STG Change description for password restriction
Fixed : Account - change/validate phone for child account
Fixed : Play camera icons
Fixed : Create and configure support user for beta (staging)
Fixed : Fix dashboard issues
Fixed : Not showing the 'pending jobs' message if there's also a tooltip
Fixed : Replace the slider buttons from devices with new button from mockups
Fixed : Change House Mode text to My Modes
Fixed : Redesign for device trigger cell from step1 create scene
Fixed : Button "On" is greyout for notify user in "Create New Scene"
Fixed : Confusion in settings the action on the thermostat in "Create new scene" wizard
Fixed : Issue - "Login" button
Fixed : Issue - "Connect" button
Fixed : Issue - "Cancel action" button
Fixed : Visual Callouts - Popups
Fixed : UI code cleanup/refactoring
Fixed : UI7 documentation
Fixed : Change the size of top buttons to match mockup
Fixed : Requested Detailed Callouts - Devices
Fixed : Requested Detailed Callouts - Device Wizard
Fixed : Make the menu stick to the left and add padding to the main container
Fixed : Visual Callouts - Devices
Fixed : Devices view: The device name is cut off -> re-design devices layout in UI 7 to be able to display their names fully (max 20 char)
Fixed : Visual Callouts - Scenes
Fixed : Requested Detailed Callouts - Dashboard
Fixed : Requested Detailed Callouts - Setup Wizard
Fixed : Requested Detailed Callouts - Navigation
Fixed : Add Open Sans font
Fixed : You can create a room named "No Room"
Fixed : Any appliance module doesn't have the little arrow so I can go to Settings
Fixed : "Scene Legend" missing

Features to be added next: (coming soon)

  • RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) support for cameras;
  • 3rd party cloud storage (iCloud Drive, &; 

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