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UI7 ▾ Version 7.0.4 (1.7.513/1.7.961) ▾ Feb. 3, 2015

Last Updated: Feb 07, 2015 10:31AM PST

Release Notes

VERA 7.04
Android: 7.61
iOS: 2.2


We have made significant improvements in how Vera handles battery operated devices. This update requires that these devices be reconfigured in order to take advantage of these changes. Most sensors will reconfigure automatically within 30 to 90 minutes of completing the software upgrade.

In the event a sensor does not automatically reconfigure within this timeframe, you can manually reconfigure them by pressing the “Configure node right now” button, or removing and reinstalling the battery in the device.


Android App


"Remember Me" option is not working
Danfoss Radiator displayed as a Generic Z-Wave device
Geo-fence module problem when I modified 'Accuracy Location' and 'Radius size' Field with a value that has more the 12 characters
Geofence name field has no maximum limitation
If Location is preselected as trigger user has the option to add manually trigger scene
Inconsistency between web and mobile app at house modes
Push notification received even though Notify box was unchecked


Cameras Streaming - image resources improved
Notification multiline

iOS App


(Customer Issue) Improper message is displayed when we try to record a video
'Allow Vera to access your location' popup inconsistency
Button 'Logout' has no action when 'Failed to connect to unit' message appears
Dimmer, Door locks , Thermostat, IP Motion camera have duplicate events
House mode is incomplete after the app is taken in and out from Stand By Mode
When assigning a device to a room the room duplicates in Rooms Page
When editing a trigger from a scene, modes selection is lost
No watts shown for light switches/appliance modules that support it - iOS


ALL asterisks need to be in correct location


WEB Platform

New Features

Recover username too, not just the password
A sensor should toggled between \"BYPASSED\" and \"ARMED\
Play RTSP video


Add a time stamp in email / sms alerts
Ensure full compatibility with UI 7 for top 30 plugins installed on Vera gateways
Plugin improvements on getcommandURL and DatarequestURL
(Portal) (Customer Issue) UI7 portal page uses HTTP instead of HTTPS by default
(Portal) Add Wi-Fi info into portal
(Customer Issue) "Energy" button on thermostats is missing
(Customer issue) Add preset modes for cameras with PT on UI7
(Customer Issue) Add the possibility to edit the thermostat set point value
(Customer Issue) Interface does not scale correctly
(Customer Issue) Unable to organize scenes by rooms
Email notifications view on web UI
(Customer Issue) Button Labels on the Vera Edge are not visible and Wi-Fi password is not printed on the back
Battery Power Devices
Registration email specify the Username used for login
Remove scene geofence from edit scene step 3 if geofence is deleted


Change template for Battery low notifications
Quota limit reached very fast. Too many notifications for low battery on devices.
(Customer issue) Wi-Fi is disabled by default on NA301 was changed
(Portal) Recover password when username contains "@"
(Customer issue) All the binary lights are displayed as a garage door.
(Customer Issue) Door-lock daily pin-code restrictions displayed incorrectly
(Customer Issue) The units are sorted alphabetically instead of selecting the one that you are on
(Customer issue) UI7 7.0.3 JavaScript API bugs
(Customer Issue) Cannot access the Advanced tab from most of the plugins
(Customer issue) Cannot manually connect Vera 3 to a Wi-Fi Network
(Customer issue) When you select Automatically Configure: NO it sets the device accordingly but when you take a look at the device settings it still says "use default behavior".
AOL and ATT users do not receive notifications
Blank spaces shouldn't be valid inputs
Notification limits not set correctly
Generic Z-Wave icon for Aeon Repeated DSD37
If as scene trigger is changed from Device to Location after Saving scene, the scene is still visible on web
Inconsistency for 'Welcome username' message
Individual Rooms/Groups and Content List Order
Issue when adding Sercomm Camera Manually
Issues in "Add pin code" menu
Issues with the countdown timer displayed when house mode is changed - G150
List of users to be notified is not displayed correctly in scenes
Login page redirects to
'Please Wait' message is displayed after running 'Advanced' tab in cpanel
Tech support page should be moved under Settings
The alerts can't be filter by source
Apps -> Install Apps -> Search for app , now is ok
Remove loading from dashboard screen after failed to connect to unit

Known Issue(s):

Some USB to Serial Adapters require an additional software upgrade to communicate properly with VeraEdge. Please email for upgrade instructions.


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